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14 Times People And Animals Matched Their Surroundings Seamlessly





It’s quite hard to find the same exact shade of each color. Believe it or not, even black has a lot of varieties.

But when you finally found the perfect one, you can seamlessly combine two or multiple things together, and it would be hard to identify which is which.

Here are 14 times people and animals matched their surroundings too well:

1. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s just a cute dog napping… Oh, wait!

2. I bet the owner stepped on the cat more than once.

3. Finally, camouflage clothing that actually works!

Have you ever owned a camouflage shirt, shorts, pants, or a jacket and you are still very visible even in the woods? This guy finally found the perfect one.

4. I think the real question here is why would anyone buy those shoes?

5. This is every people with OCD’s dream.

6. It’s actually a pretty and unique shirt.

The person who posted the photo wrote:

“The first time my friend visited my apartment she was mind-blown that my shower curtain looked ‘exactly’ like one of her shirts. The following week she returned to demonstrate.”

7. Oh, no big deal. Just catching a fish while blending with nature.

8. Where to buy this towel with an adorable face?

9. Blending level: Epic.

This could be planned, but still.

10. Choose a side. You can’t be both.

11. When someone is a walking art.

12. Who wore it better?

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t get offended when they match their surroundings. In fact, most of them even share these odd moments on social media.

13. When you thought the pattern of the shirt is too busy that no one would dare wear it — but then…

14. Floating face.

While most women are still having a hard time looking for the perfect foundation to match their skin tone, this guy already found his.

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