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12 Incredible Body Hacks To Make Your Life Easier





Can you guess what the most ingenious thing in the world is? There is a strong case that the human body is. It is made up of complex parts like the heart, the brain and others that performs incredibly complicated functions. And this is an evidence that we are indeed designed by a very intelligent creator.

There is no doubt at all that the human body is full of wonders. In fact, inside us are thousands of tiny living things we call cells that die or reproduce each day. We experience different sensations and feel unexplainable emotions. We even have weird parts that seem to serve no function at all. But like they say, everything is made with a purpose.

Those parts you thought were merely extras are actually there to help make you feel more comfortable. And to help you figure out how to use them for your benefit, here is a compilation of body hacks that will be very useful to you and those around you.

#1 Stopping A Sneeze

Sneezing can make you feel comfortable when you are suffering from colds, but there are instances when you want to stop it. This is true when you are stuck in a crowd and you don’t have your hanky with you. If you want to stop a sneeze, simply press down on the area right above your upper lip with your fingers.

#2 Soothing A Brain Freeze

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It’s very relieving to indulge on smoothies, most especially during the summer, but too much cold drinks can give us painful brain freeze. To make it go away, you just have press your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

#3 Trick To Easily Reach Your Feet

This may not be a hack but a funny little fact you can try to prove if true. Try reading a paragraph worth of sentences backward and you will be able to touch your toes.

#4 Relieve Yourself From A Terrible Cold

Suffering from colds but you can’t relieve yourself by blowing some fluid out of your nose? Try draining your congested sinuses by switching back and forth between pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth and pressing a finger in between your eyebrows.

#5 Free Yourself From Uneccessary Noise

The flap on your ear called tragus is one of the parts mentioned earlier that seem to have no use. But a simple trick will make you appreciate it more. Press down on it when you want to hear someone while in a noisy room, and it will cancel out all the peripheral sounds.

#6 If You Want To Eat And Sleep, Here’s A Tip

Eating too much can make you feel sleepy, but going straight to bed isn’t a very good idea. Lie on your left side to avoid bedtime heartburn after a big meal. Eating within 3-4 hours before going to bed also isn’t a good thing.

#7 Don’t Look Like A Loser With The Dripping Blood

Nosebleeding can happen at times. If it comes to you, simply lean your head forward slightly and pinch your nose right above your nostrils for five minutes.

#8 The Cheapest Medication To Panic Attacks

We can have panic attacks at times when anxiety strikes. To calm you down a bit, put your thumb in your mouth like you’re sucking on it but instead blow out air, and let your cheeks puff up.

#9 You Don’t Have To Stop Enjoying Food Even After Burnt Tongue

Coffee and noodle lovers often experience this. Burnt tongue can be a burden when you are a food lover. Swish some cold water around your mouth to help eliminate the heat in the burned tissue and prevent inflammation and loss of taste buds.

#10 Cut The Crap With The Hiccups

Having hiccups can be very annoying. There are actually a lot of things you can do to make it go away. You can inhale deeply, hold it, swallow twice, then exhale through your nose and it will be all gone!

#11 The Right Position To Go Down

You might already know this but you might be pooping the wrong way all your life. Make the poop go down easier by elevating your knees and feet, so that you look like you’re squatting.

#12 Can’t Sleep ‘Cause You Can’t Stop Singing?

LSS – Last song syndrome happens to all of us. Listen to a song and you go all day singing it. To stop it from getting stuck in your head, chew a gum and accept the song will be there for a time. Don’t try to block it out because that could make it worse.

With all these body hacks, the next time you or someone have questions about their parts, you’ll know the answers and wouldn’t feel uncomfortable again.

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