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Several Years From Now, These 10 Jobs Will Already Be Extinct





Advancements in modern technology have definitely made life much easier.

For example, communication these days have become much simpler than it was just a few decades ago. Sending messages to anyone in any location across the globe can be done in seconds now with the use of e-mails, social media, and mobile phones.

Aside from the conveniences brought by advanced technology though, it is also anticipated that many jobs will no longer exist in the future.

Go check out these 10 jobs that will probably be extinct in the years to come:

#1. Newspaper Delivery Guys

10-extinct-jobs 1

We’ve all heard about newspaper publications closing left and right. On top of that, the existing ones are moving their business online to decrease printing costs. It’s pretty obvious then that in the near future, newspaper delivery guys will not have anything to deliver anymore.

#2. Librarians

10-extinct-jobs 2

Photo credit: Belfry

E-books are all the rage these days and so it shouldn’t be surprising when one day, we wouldn’t have libraries to run anymore.

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