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10 Hilarious but Honest Pregnancy Sayings That Every Mother Could Relate To

A hilarious yet brutally honest take on pregnancy.


Prior to being pregnant, I seriously thought pregnancy was a bed of roses. I probably need to blame the media for depicting pregnant moms as calm, peace-loving, and close-to-perfect individuals who are having the time of their lives.

But after being pregnant twice, I have finally uncovered the truth about this phase of motherhood that no one wants to talk about. While it certainly prepares mothers for the best moment of their lives, pregnancy can also bring out the worst in you. Unpredictable hormonal changes, horrific stretch marks, unbearable body pain, and erratic mood swings are some of the not-so-fun things that come with having a bun in the oven.

A Facebook page called Mommie Poppins, owned by Meghna Shah, perfectly described the real struggles of pregnancy and being a new mom through a series of cute illustrations. Shah collaborated with the artists behind Handmade by Ridhika to come up with the hilarious but brutally honest memes.

Speaking to Mashable, Shah said:

“Often only the glamorous aspects of pregnancy and new motherhood are shared. It definitely is one of the most cherished and beautiful times in any new parent’s life but it’s also easily the most confusing … Laughing doesn’t make it all easier, but having a sense of humor helps me think more rationally and serves as my reality check.”

Preserving that stick is a must!


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins
Don’t judge me…


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins
Oh yes, the baby can hear you…


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins
A perfect reason to celebrate!


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins
Be careful what you wish for…


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins
Truth be told…


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins
All we’re asking for is equality…


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins
Yup, I’m guilty…


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins
That’s a trick question…


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins
The wonders of having a bun in the oven.


Photo credit: Mommie Poppins


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