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10 Companies Deemed ‘Most Caring’ To Their Communities, Employees, and the World

These companies are considered “Most Caring” for a reason.






Whoever wanted to become an employee all their life? With the inadequate wages and unsatisfactory work conditions, it may seem like an impossible future for many people around the world.

However, there are a few companies who not only put their employees’ needs at the top of their priorities but also go the extra mile to promote equity in their workforce. And, thanks to PEOPLE magazine, these companies are now getting the attention they deserve.

In partnership with research firm Great Place to Work, PEOPLE unveiled a list of 50 “Companies that Care” for their employees, community, and the world.

In its second consecutive year, the program is aimed at commending establishments that didn’t just deliver just compensation for their employees but also gave them more than they could ask for.

The magazine listed a total of 50 firms that went above and beyond out of 1,000 companies in the United States after conducting surveys from more than 4.5 million employees.

The top ten companies who were found to be “Most Caring” includes:

1. Salesforce

Salesforce emerged at the top of the list for the second time in a row. Based in San Francisco, the firm is known for the “family” culture it cultivated among its 30,000 employees.

Lavish benefits aside, Salesforce also enforces pay equity wherein CEO Marc Benioff sets aside a staggering $3 million to correct discrepancies in salaries between men and women within the organization. He also ordered another $3 million to be used to give proper compensation based on the employees’ race, gender, and ethnicity.

2. Deloitte


As a professional services organization, Deloitte harnesses the talents of its employees. Since they are practically the bread-and-butter of the firm, their 55,000 employees are given more than what they deserve in terms of compensation. According to PEOPLE:

“Deloitte has a truly unique and remarkable culture – a combination of smart, ambitious, dedicated people who are fun and care about their work and communities.”

3. Ultimate Software

Offering cloud-based capital management solutions, Ultimate Software also thrives in the industry because of its workforce. With almost 4,000 employees, this Florida-based firm was able to impress its employees by making sure they are always well cared for.

4. Comcast NBC Universal

Comcast NBC Universal is lauded for its sincere desire to initiate change. Although their business lies within the entertainment industry, at the heart of their passion is the innate hunger for the progress of the community.

5. Edward Jones

Promoting integrity and honor in its ranks, this Missouri-based firm delves into the financial services and insurance industry. We read:

“From the executive management team down to the office administrative staff, the message is the same … do the right thing.”

6. Adobe Systems Incorporated

Source: Adobe

Based in San Jose, California, Adobe Systems Inc. has a total of 9,415 diversified employees. The IT giant was able to maintain first impressions throughout and garnered a confidence rating of 90 percent.

7. Intuit Inc.

Source: Intuit Inc.

Team building at Intuit Inc. also serves as the company’s reach out activity to communities. Employees applaud the company for giving back to the locality, be it a children’s cancer foundation or a food bank.

8. Genentech

Source: Genentech

Ninety-five percent of Genentech’s employees are proud to let others know that they work in a biotechnology institution that prioritizes the people they serve. With its inclusive and diverse workforce, the company deserves to be among the top 10 “Most Caring” companies in the U.S. as they not only deliver cures to diseases but aims to improve the lives of their clients and employees alike.

9. SAP America

Source: SAP America

SAP America is a Pennsylvania-based IT organization that hires anyone who is qualified, whatever their gender and medical condition. In fact, SAP also hires people diagnosed with autism. To top that off, all employees are treated equally and are given the same opportunities to grow.

10. Cisco

Source: Cisco

Ninety-five percent of survey respondents said that Cisco provides its employees with enough time off work when necessary. Leaving a huge impact with products and services, the California-based IT company also gives its workforce a sense of great pride for the developments they made possible.

According to PEOPLE, the firms were chosen based on both their way of handling their own people and the outside community as well. Aside from employees’ benefits, other factors assessed were the organization’s community support and philanthropic efforts within 2017.

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