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10 Most Popular Family Friendly Vacation Destinations Around the World

Family vacations should be fun and enjoyable. Good thing there are destinations that make family travel easy and comfortable.


When it comes to family vacations, one of the most important considerations to take is the ease and comfort of travel for everyone. This is essential when kids are in tow and there are a lot of people in the group. Booking site, Kayak, analyzed search queries from 2015 and found that these are the most convenient places for families:

#10. San Juan, Puerto Rico

10 San Juan, Puerto Rico

For families who like a bit of adventure, culture, and relaxation, a trip to San Juan in Puerto Rico is your best bet. This city has everything for each member of the family to enjoy. Recharge at the beach, taste the authentic Puerto Rican meal at Old San Juan and go on a hike at El Yunque Rain Forest.

#9. San Francisco, California

9 San Francisco, California

Source: Roger

If it’s adventure that you’re looking for, hit the road and head on to SanFo for some bonding with the whole family. You can set up camp at Stinson Beach, or bike around Sausalito and of course, eat anywhere at anytime.

#8. Miami, Florida

8 Miami, Florida

Source: Liliana

When going far away is not exactly possible at the moment, why not go to Miami, Florida then? It’s still close enough for you to enjoy the sites and the beaches with the rest of the folks and still be able to head back home in cases of emergency.

#7. Cancun, Mexico

7 Cancun, Mexico

Source: alobos Life

One of Mexico’s most well-loved spots, Cancun is great for the whole family. It has all-inclusive beach resorts for families that’s sure to keep everyone happy.

#6. New York, New York

6 New York, New York

Source: Andy

Who knew that New York would even make it to this list? But that’s just it; a trip to New York can be anything for each member of the brady bunch. Whether it be food, culture, shopping or just plain chilling around, New York is the place for all of you.

#5. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

5 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Apart from spring break, Fort Lauderdale is perfect all year round for all the family members. The weather and the beach will always be a perfect combo for a getaway with the folks and the children.

#4. Honolulu, Hawaii

4 Honolulu, Hawaii

The beach isn’t the only reason why Hawaii is a great destination for families. The art scene and the food are especially awesome that everyone is sure to have a great time.

#3. London, England

3 London, England

Source: Moyan Brenn

Perhaps the most family-friendly destination in Europe, London has a lot of places for the younger kids while the parents are busy with their shopping.

#2. Los Angeles, California

2 Los Angeles, California

Source: Roger

Enjoy the varied food trucks or marvel at contemporary art with the children. You can also chill at the beach while watching the sunset.

#1. Orlando, Florida

1 Orlando, Florida

The bright sunshine and the magical theme parks will always make every member of the family just want to have fun. Enjoy all the rides as you munch on your favorite hotdogs or pizza slices.


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