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5 Fun Yet Underrated US Family Travel Attractions To Visit Right Now





Summer is finally here and it is time to take the family out on a spectacular vacation. Most people with young children would think that going to an amusement park is the best way to entertain the kids. However, there are other fun and less pricey travel attractions in almost every state – while easily avoiding overcrowded tourist spots this season.

Of course, it isn’t easy to find travel locations that would be ideal for the entire family. It is still important to consider the ideas of the children before deciding on a particular vacation spot. A little research about the locale would also help greatly in finding hidden gems along the way. For instance, not everything about Mardi Gras involves liquor and partial nudity!

Take a look at these underrated travel attractions around the United States:

1. Ride a tiny train at California’s Napa and Sonoma Wine Country.

Source: K Tao/Flickr

Sonoma Traintown Railroad is open all summer and has a quarter scale railroad that offers a scenic 20-minute train ride. There are also amusement rides like the Iron Horse Carousel and the Air Scooter which are guaranteed to be irresistible to the kids.

2. Learn about the stars and planets at Joshua Tree National Park.

The desert park is a popular travel destination for people who love to hike or go rock-climbing. However, it also becomes the perfect spot for stargazing at nightfall. The park has a Night Sky Presentation where the family can learn all about the constellations and other awesome fact about outer space.

3. Explore a gorgeous cave in Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota.

South Dakota might be known for Mount Rushmore, but it is also an ideal place to go on a cave adventure. Wind Cave National Park has 147 miles of mapped passages where children can be amazed by stunning calcite formations.

4. Go back in time at Anna Maria Island in Florida’s Gulf Coast.

The island has three beach towns that appear to be stuck in the 1950s, making it an ideal travel destination. Parents will love the laid-back atmosphere while the children will find the beaches irresistible.

5. Enjoy a different kind of Mardi Gras parade.

New Orleans also has a special parade for furry critters. The annual Mystic Krewe of Barkus parade consists of adorable dogs in colorful colorful costumes. What’s not to love about that?

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