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Amazon Is Selling A Chicken Harness So Your Rooster Can Safely Cross The Road

Nobelle Borines




  • Amazon is now selling chicken harnesses that come with a leash so chicken owners can safely walk their pets.
  • The harness comes from a company called Yesito which has some interesting chicken-related products.
  • The product encourages people to walk their chickens just like a regular dog.

Got a pet rooster that’s afraid to cross the road? Amazon has the perfect product for you. The new chicken harness is currently available on the site and it promises that you will never lose your chickens again.

The Yesito Chicken Leash and Harness is a cool product made for chickens, ducks, and geese. The harness reportedly fits comfortably around the fowl so it’s unlikely that your pet chicken will wriggle free of the product. It also comes in several colors so your hens can walk around looking fashionable while staying safe.

The chicken harness is securely fastened with plastic buckles and comes in several bright colors.

The chicken harness makes it possible for responsible rooster owners to walk their pet without worrying about losing them. The product promotes the idea that chickens deserve to be taken on walks just like dogs.

“Teach your fowls to walk on a leash and find your peace of mind again. Facilitate their training and walking performances with the Yesito harness on,” the product description reads.

This little guy seems absolutely pleased with his orange harness and pink bow tie.

It’s clearly more than just a way to keep your animals in a row. The Yesito chicken harness also comes with three different bow ties that you can mix and match depending on your mood. The product also comes with its own storage bag that can hold your personal items like keys, coins, and even an iPhone 8.

The harness also fits perfectly on ducks.

The chicken harness retails for $14.99 and is expected to last for hundreds of walks.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Lansiger Adjustable Chicken Harness with Leash Small Pet Harness for Duck Goose Hen Traning Walking
  • šŸˆComfortable fabric: Premium three-layer mesh fabric, breathable and durable material designed to withstand weather all year round, Soft fabric can protect the pet's skin or feathers from scratching!
  • šŸ¦†Adjustable size: Harness is equipped with adjustable sliders, adjustable sizes, which is sufficient to ensure the comfort and adaptability of pets. So your pet can move freely without feeling too restricted.
  • šŸ¦¢Easy to use:Comes with a fast-release buckle to achieve a stable and easy wearing in a trice.
  • šŸ•Training for walking : There is nothing more funny than training your pets for walking day by day, and growing up sturdily.
  • šŸ“Great fun : Chicken leash walking is a fun and unique family-friendly activity. It allows for interactive play and family bonding, as well as a daily exercise for you and your children! On your family walk, it would be so great taking along your pet!
SaleBestseller No. 2
3 Pieces Chicken Harness Breathable Hen Pet Vest with 3.6 Feet Matching Belt Comfortable Chicken Training Harness Small Size for Chicken, Duck or Goose (Blue, Pink, Black)
  • Nylon material: chicken harness is made of quality nylon material, which contains a soft texture and comfortable touch, great to use in year-round period; Breathable fabric is smooth to wear by chicken, the combination of pet leash and harness can stand a long time wear and tear
  • Small pets harness: breathable hen pet vest performs well with chicken, duck or goose to for training and walking, soft material will create no tugging and pulling effect on your pet's neck, keeping your pet safe and comfortable in the outside
  • Size specification: S size has a chest girth of 11.4-15 inches, neck girth of 9.4 inches, suggested for chicken with a weight less than 2.5 lbs; M size shares a check girth of 13.4-17.7 inches, neck girth of 10.2 inches, suggested for chicken with a weight of 2.5-3.6 lbs, giving an appropriate fit to your pet
  • Lightweight and compact: comfortable chicken training harness is very light in weight, compact size makes it easy to carry in pocket and bag; The harness is easy to use and its quick release snaps allow you to remove it with ease; Walking your pets frequently is better to train your pets' movement in a more agile and lively way, without unnecessary burden
  • Adjustable feature: hen harness can be applied to guide your chicken, duck or goose, combined with 3.6 feet nylon leash, you will find easy to control your chicken's movement in the outside, it is recommended to check the side before making order
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