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These Amusement Park Disasters Will Make You Change Your Mind About Riding Rollercoasters





If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’re probably a fan of rollercoasters. Now, rollercoasters are definitely a lot of fun; there’s nothing like testing the limits of your heart and stomach by riding hundreds of feet up in the air at more than a hundred miles an hour. While I understand the appeal of riding roller coasters and other barf-inducing rides, I won’t be getting into one anytime soon. Why? Because of these…

These are actual photos from some of the worst rollercoaster disasters ever. If you need a reminder why you should think twice about getting on those scary rides, this video ought to do the job:

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So are you ready to ride a roller coaster anytime soon?

Of course, not all roller coasters ought to end up like this, but we have to remember to ride with caution!

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