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This INSANE Roller Coaster Ride Will DEFINITELY Wrench Your GUTS. Would You Ride It?





Do you enjoy high-speed, hundred-foot rollercoaster drops? If you do, then this roller coaster ride is just perfect for you!

Gather your wits and say hello to Fury 325 – a roller coaster ride in a brand-new amusement park that will open this spring in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fury 325 boasts of a 325-foot drop at an 81-degree angle, with the cars reaching a speed of about 95 miles per hour. Imagine yourself riding the Fury 325. That’s just nuts!

At present, Fury 325 is one of the tallest and fastest Giga Coasters. A Giga Coaster, as defined by Wikipedia, is a type or rollercoaster that has a height or a drop of 300 to 399 feet. That’s just about the height of the Statue of Liberty!

Do you want a first-person glimpse of how it feels to ride the Fury 325?

Watch the video of the first test run:

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Do you think you can survive the Fury 325? I don’t think I could! Just watching this video made my stomach churn!

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H/T: Carowinds Park via Little Things

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