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This INSANE Roller Coaster Ride Will DEFINITELY Wrench Your GUTS. Would You Ride It?

Will you survive this gut-wrenching roller coaster ride?


Do you enjoy high-speed, hundred-foot rollercoaster drops? If you do, then this roller coaster ride is just perfect for you!

Gather your wits and say hello to Fury 325 – a roller coaster ride in a brand-new amusement park that will open this spring in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fury 325 boasts of a 325-foot drop at an 81-degree angle, with the cars reaching a speed of about 95 miles per hour. Imagine yourself riding the Fury 325. That’s just nuts!

At present, Fury 325 is one of the tallest and fastest Giga Coasters. A Giga Coaster, as defined by Wikipedia, is a type or rollercoaster that has a height or a drop of 300 to 399 feet. That’s just about the height of the Statue of Liberty!

Do you want a first-person glimpse of how it feels to ride the Fury 325?

Watch the video of the first test run:

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Do you think you can survive the Fury 325? I don’t think I could! Just watching this video made my stomach churn!

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H/T: Carowinds Park via Little Things


A Hawk’s Prey-Hunting Strategy Gets Caught on a Head Cam

This hawk gets hooked up with a head cam and the result’s surprising.

Goshawks are among the most notorious creatures in the air. When it comes to putting down preys, goshawks are sure to do the job perfectly. Their deadly and powerful abilities are unbelievable, and have cause many researchers to wonder how goshawks stay efficient and tiptop when it comes to hunting.

This head cam video of a goshawk's strategy for hunting might just explain how they do it so well. It is nothing like you have ever seen before. It will leave you amazed at how one bird can move so surely of itself, that it looks almost like a routine for them. Their ability to move so swift and sharp are amazing talents that will leave no goshawk hungry in their lifetime. Experts were able to see the video, and a brief explanation was finally made. Goshawks' strategies are quite impressive, with angular precision and perfect timing involved.

Watch the amazing video below:

Source: The NY Times via The Daily Dot

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This Boy’s Illness Stopped Him From Playing the Drums. What his Teacher did? Truly Inspiring!

She came up with an awesome idea to make sure no one’s left behind.

"I don't believe in I can't."
- Gina Christopherson, Teacher

Swanville, Minnesota--A high school student named Ethan Och amazingly beats the drums and parades with the school band on his wheelchair. Ethan is a 14-year old boy who had been diagnosed with a genetic disorder known as spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)- an illness that causes progressive muscle weakness and affects voluntary movement.

Ethan's parents encouraged him to join the school band in 2011, and he opted to play the drums. He viewed this as a new and challenging experience; however, as his illness progressed, he also gradually lost his ability to play the instrument. Soon he became too weak and exhausted that he had no choice but to quit the band.

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Brave Man Saves Starving Pelican With A Fishing Wire Wrapped Around Its Beak.

When he noticed this poor bird had fishing wire tied around its beak, this man had to do something about it.

Animals can be scary especially the wild ones so it's not surprising why we feel that way towards them. However, it's the innate character of humans which tells us that when a situation calls for one, we'll be there to help whoever or whatever it is. It's humbling to know that those people still exist today just like this man in the video.

Apparently, he noticed a pelican in need with a fishing wire wrapped around its beak. He could tell that it was struggling so with enough caution, he hurriedly came to its rescue. The man was able to grab the pelican's legs before it even escapes.

Pelicans suffered from habitat destruction, disturbance, pollution and have been persecuted because they are deemed as competition for fishing. These birds are characterized by their long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey so given the situation, it can hurt people but this didn't stop the man. With a help from another person, they held it, made sure that its beak was shut close and shortly after, it was released from pain. They then let it fly, now finally free.

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