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20 of the Most Impressive Bridges Across The World





Bridges are wonderful architectural structures that serve a purpose – help people and vehicles cross over a body of water, valley, or road. In short, they’re not merely iconic landmarks but they are extremely useful.

As dependable as they are, people sometimes have the tendency to take them for granted.

Well did American scholar Bruce Jackson once lament, “Bridges are perhaps the most invisible form of public architecture.”

There are, however, some bridges that are simply so captivating you can actually consider them as works of art on their own.

Such as these 20 stunning bridges from different parts of the world. Go scroll down and marvel at these impressive architectural beauties:

#.1 Golden Gate Bridge

20-bridges 1

Photo credit: History

Perhaps no other bridge is as popular as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Opened back in 1937, it was, at the time, the longest bridge in the world spanning at 4,200 feet. It held the title until the 1960s.

#2. Ponte Vecchio

20-bridges 2

Photo credit: Walk About Florence

Florence, Italy’s Ponte Vecchio (which literally translates to “old bridge”) is a Medieval-aged structure that, interestingly, has shops built along it. Also, this one is a survivor not only of several floods but also of World War II.

#3. Magdeburg Water Bridge

20-bridges 3

Photo credit: Amusing Planet

Over in Germany, we find the Magdeburg Water Bridge which connects the Elbe-Havel Canal to the Mittellandkanal. It measures over 3,000 feet in length and is considered the world’s longest navigable aqueduct.

#4. Sydney Harbour Bridge

20-bridges 4

Photo credit: Williams United

Believe it or not, Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge features six million hand-driven rivets. It is nicknamed the “Coathanger” because of its arch-based design.

#5. Scale Lane Footbridge

20-bridges 5

Photo credit: Jebiga

This black steel pedestrian bridge has become a must-see for tourists in Hull, England because of its unique swinging motion.

#6. Millau Viaduct


Photo credit: Wonders Today

Standing at 1,125 is the Millau Viaduct of France – the world’s tallest bridge. The structure is erected over seven solid pillars designed by Lord Norman Foster.

#7. Brooklyn Bridge

20-bridges 7

Photo credit: Metro NYC Tours

New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge was built for 14 years and was opened to the public in 1883. It was made of limestone, granite, cement, parallel steel wires, and many others.

#8. Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

20-bridges 8

Photo credit: Bridge Info

Measuring 12,800 feet across, Japan’s Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge is rightfully the world’s longest suspension bridge. This one is so sturdy the designers have created it considering earthquakes, high winds, and sea currents that are likely to hit against the towers.

#9. Rialto Bridge

20-bridges 9

Photo credit: Mojo Travel

Venice, Italy’s Rialto Bridge was built back in the 15th century. Michaelangelo himself offered a design for the crossing. It took three years to complete the design and the bridge eventually measured 24 feet in height and 75 feet in length.

#10. Bay Bridge

20-bridges 10

Photo credit: NBC Bay Area

Built to replace a not-so stable bridge, Oakland’s Bay Bridge costed around $6.4 billion to complete. Its 2,047 feet span is anchored by a 525-foot tall tower which holds 17,399 strands of steel wire.

#11. State Route 520 Floating Bridge


Found in Seattle is the world’s longest floating bridge named the State Route 520 Floating Bridge. The roadway is elevated 20 feet above the water. The bridge also uses 58 anchors to secure it.

#12. Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas

20-bridges 12

Photo credit: Meret Marine

Bordeaux, France is home to the longest vertical-lift bridge in Europe. Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas measures at 2,200 feet and it has some indicators on the vertical lift that will help tell the current tide. When it turns green, it means low tide while blue means high time.

#13. Helix Bridge

Shaped like a DNA, Singapore’s Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that’s completely eye-catching.

#14. Nanpu Bridge

20-bridges 14

Photo credit: Paul Reiffer

You simply wouldn’t miss the Nanpu Bridge if you are in the Shanghai, China area. The 7-lane bridge eventually stretches over the Huangpu River.

#15. Tower Bridge

20-bridges 15

Photo credit: Wikipedia

London’s Tower Bridge is, as the name implies, is a tower and a bridge. It is both a suspension and bascule bridge and stands with two 213-feet towers on both ends.

#16. Capilano Cliffwalk

20-bridges 16

Photo credit: Seattle Times

If you are afraid of heights, you definitely wouldn’t want to come close to the Capilano Cliffwalk. Located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, this 700-foot bridge hangs about 230 feet above the canyon.

#17. Russky Bridge

20-bridges 17

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The 3-year-old Russky Bridge measures 1,053 feet in height. It currently holds the record of being the longest cable-stayed bridge. It can be found at Russky Island, Russia.

#18. Charles Bridge

20-bridges 18

Photo credit: PinGallery

Prague, Czech Republic’s Charles Bridge is just as ancient as it is visually-stunning. The bridge was erected back in the 1400s an it’s quite interesting because of its arches and decorative statues.

#19. Tilikum Crossing

20-bridges 19

Photo credit: Biz Journals

Locals and tourists alike in Portland, Oregon love he Tilikum Crossing which opened to the public just September 2015. Only light rail, streetcar, buses, pedestrians, and cyclists are allowed to drive here.

#20. Slauerhoff Bridge

20-bridges 20

Photo credit: Mapio

Also known to many as the Flying drawbridge, Netherland’s Slauerhoff Bridge is a swinging bascule bridge.

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