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Catcalling Chronicles: Women Share Their Horrifying Catcalling Stories






“Hey can I get your number?”

“Damn! Nice ass and tits”

“You got a boyfriend yet?”

“Psst hey there sexy”

Do all these sound familiar? These catcalls are what women all over the world go through everyday. To some men it is but a harmless comment or a prank, to others a mere “appreciation” for females. But what about for women who are at the receiving end of all the catcalling? We have compiled some of the most horrific tweets and stories from women about their experiences on catcalling.

Catcalling- it is NEVER okay…

Catcalling- it is NEVER okay...

1. If you think only grown up females experience catcalling, you are terribly wrong!

A 7-year old girl in school uniform…

A 9-year old girl in shorts…

A 10-year old girl in a swimsuit, catcalled by no less than a drunk family friend.

2. Instead of the catcallers being the one who feels shame, it is even the women who feel bad about the experience

More often than not, catcallers feel they are entitled to harass women. Without fear of getting reprimanded, who knows if one “harmless” catcall turns into rape?


Ironically, the burden of disgust and feeling bad about one’s self is carried by the victims of catcalling.

3. Catcalling is almost synonymous to unwarranted sexual desire, which is almost close to rape and sexual harassment

From making a 9-year old into a “proper woman”…

To physically groping a 12-year old…

If you think that catcalling and sexual harassment are two different things, you are wrong. Catcalling can be in many forms. It can be a whistle, unsolicited comments, unwanted presence and unwanted contact. In all these forms, catcalling is sexual harassment. When sexual desire is conveyed, verbally or physically, but without the approval of the recipient, it is sexual harassment.

4. And the worst part is, we keep silent about it.

In places and at a time wherein humanity should have moved forward and become civilized, why are we still stuck with this unpleasant culture of catcalling? And to those who think that women should be “flattered” because a catcall is a compliment, we’ll rather get on our day without your “compliments”.

We don't need catcalls to feel validated, thank you very much.

We don't need catcalls to feel validated, thank you very much.

There is also a certain egoistic nature to catcalls. If catcallers are truly appreciating a woman, why is it that some feel offended when a woman ignores or tells them off? Why do some men resort to saying things like, “You bitch, you weren’t even that pretty or sexy”, “You’re just a slut”. It is quite interesting to know what goes through the minds of catcallers, why they do it, what does the act make them feel etc. So yes, catcallers you can explain yourselves in the comments if you want to. And women, just keep walking with our heads high.

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Credits to the #FirstTimeIWasCatcalled advocacy started by actress Rowan Blanchard and the original Huffington Post it appeared in.

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