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Female Reporter Confronts A-Holes Who Said “F**k Her Right in the P***y” on Live TV.

Female reporter confronted men on live television after giving her a very unpleasant remark.

Jessa Ventures





If you belong to the female population, there may have been instances when you  experienced being called names–horrible, inappropriate and disrespectful ones or the so called ‘catcalling.’ This has been a bad habit of some men and sad to say, women are the target. Others just shrug it off while some prefer to speak up and stand their ground just like what this woman did.

While a female news reporter is doing her job on live television, someone said to her ‘fuck her right in the pussy!’ after a recent soccer game in Toronto. She could just let that offensive remark pass but she didn’t which is completely right. ‘Respect begets respect’ and unfortunately, these men don’t know a thing about it. The great thing though is that they found their match in ‘badass’ reporter Shauna Hunt who knew perfectly how to handle their kind and shut them down on live television.

Her courage and professionalism is really admirable. Only goes to show that men shouldn’t underestimate women. Hunt doesn’t deserve such harsh remark and no woman in particular does. Meanwhile, after the incident, one of the men from the video was fired from his job because of what happened. I bet they already learned their lessons now. Serves them right.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

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Credits: City TV Official, Someecards


Russian Brat Knocked Out by Offended Man After He Offered Him Money to Drink Urine.

Who wouldn’t do anything for money? But given the public humility and ridicule, will your pride and dignity still come with a price tag?

Bernadette Carillo



Who wouldn't do anything for money? As desperate as it may sound, most probably nine out of 10 would definitely do anything crazy in exchange of a bag of pennies. But given the public humility and ridicule, will your pride and dignity still come with a price tag?

Apparently, not all shares the same sentiments with regards to money matters. This is most certainly true for a random guy who single-handedly knocked out a rich 16-year-old Russian kid after being offered of $305 in exchange of a glass of his own urine.

Random guy knocked out a rich kid after being offered $305 if he drinks his own urine.

Spoilt Rich Kid Offers Jobless People  Money To Drink Urine

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The Alchemist’s Letter, A Tragic Tale That Reminds Us The Price Of Pursuing Wealth

An amazing yet tragic tale about an alchemist who invented a machine that can transform any metal into gold.

Ann Moises



For many centuries, alchemists have devoted their time, energy, and knowledge in search of the "Philosopher's Stone" otherwise known as "The Sword in the Stone" or "The White Stone by the River", a mythical substance that can turn ordinary metal into pure gold. It is also believed that the stone can provide ultimate enlightenment and immortality.

These alchemists are often illustrated as men who seriously and obsessively work in front of several tubes and flasks, mixing elements and going through great lengths just to create the elusive material. Much like any ordinary men in this modern world, the alchemist in this heartwarming, short story directed by Carlos Stevens, got caught up in his work that he started to neglect his wife and son. His desire for gold and prestige eventually changed him. And although he was finally able to invent the machine that can successfully transform a metal into the purest form of gold, he had to pay a huge price.

Watch this touching video:

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This Couple Agreed To Transform Themselves Into Their Old-Age Versions. Their Reactions? Tearful!

More than seeing their physical self change, their emotional side got the best of them!

Inah Garcia



Growing old is inevitable, and part of the rapid changes are the physical alterations that we have to go through with time. Even though we have all the medical advancements available for our disposal, no age-defying cream can ever hide our age. After all, it is but natural to change and grow old.

We saw a video made by Field Day, which featured a couple who took the risk of transforming themselves into their 50, 70 and 90 year-old selves. Their reactions were priceless! At first, they were laughing at each others' transformations, but soon, tears kept on flowing as they become emotional with their surge of personal realizations.

Watch the video here:

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