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Men React After Watching Footage of Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled





Catcalling is a form of street harassment that women deal with everyday. The fear of going out alone, of being harassed by strangers or some men in particular, of being judged because of how you look or dress, of feeling unsafe and disrespected–these are only few of the things that most women go through and sadly, it’s even worst for some.

To raise awareness especially among men about how women experience street harassment and what they feel about it, came up with a social experiment. Three women were asked to wear hidden GoPro cameras as they walked around New York City. Afterwards, their boyfriends sat down with them to watch the footage and share their reactions. Apparently, these men are not happy about it.

Their reactions went form being disgusted, annoyed, upset and for most part, furious of the act. Even though they are aware of this thing happening nowadays, it’s obviously a different story when you have to deal with it in reality especially if it involves people you know or love.

‘Alright, I’m getting pissed off. I’m not happy with this.’

‘That’s so messed up. Yeah, and those people are scary!’

‘That’s disgusting, dude. Just get back to work and do your job!’

We all have women in our lives and whether ‘she’ is a stranger or not, everyone deserves to be treated with utmost respect. The video below depicts every woman’s struggle that she faces on a daily basis and the dark reality about street harassment. This thing should stop and some men should start acting like real men.

Watch the disturbing video here:

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Guys, how do you think you will react if this happened to your girlfriend?


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