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Woman Who Lost Her Forehead Warns People Not To Put Feet On Dashboard





Do you like to put your feet up when you are on the passenger’s side of the car? This might not be a good idea. One woman is speaking out after a horrible car crash made her lose her forehead. The reason why her face was shattered was because she had her feet on the dashboard.

Gráinne Kealy was only 22 years old when she ended up in a car accident that left her scarred for life. Kealy had her feet propped up on the dashboard over the airbag when the vehicle hit a wall. The impact caused the airbag to activate, forcing Kealy’s knees into her face and breaking every bone in her face.

The bone over Kealy’s forehead had to be removed permanently.

Although Kealy underwent surgery to fix her face, she was later found to have an infection in the bone in her forehead. Unfortunately, medics were forced to remove it. This left Kealy with no forehead for two years.

Since then, Kealy has been fitted with a ceramic forehead. However, the young mom says that she has suffered through numerous surgeries since her accident. She also has “near-constant headaches” and is still trying to recover from her acquired brain injury.

“I know people have it much worse off than me and I’m so grateful for the treatment I’ve received, but it’s hard to move on when it’s still ongoing for me. I think in total I’ve had 16 procedures and surgeries,” Kealy said.

Kealy has since been given a ceramic forehead but her suffering continues.

Now, the woman who has no forehead wants people to know about the dangers of putting your feet on the dashboard.

“You see it all the time,” Kealy said. “Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Conor McGregor and Selena Gomez have all posted photos to their Instagram with their feet on the dashboard. They have billions of followers who see that. You see it in films and on TV, it’s everywhere.

“I just want to warn others about how dangerous it can be. I didn’t know – and some people say to me ‘how could you have been so stupid?’ but I honestly didn’t realise it could be so dangerous. I thought because I was wearing a seatbelt and was sat up properly in the car, I was safe.

“I want people to learn from my mistake.”

It is always best to be careful when traveling in a car. Make sure you always have your seatbelt on and never put your feet up on the dashboard.

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