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Woman Who Lost 350 Pounds Shares How She Was Body Shamed Because Of Sagging Skin

She lost 350 pounds but was body shamed because of her sagging skin.


Losing weight is a struggle every overweight or obese person will face. It’s one of the most emotionally and physically-draining journey a person will ever traverse. However, when your goal is reached, it would be one of the most rewarding experience ever.

Jacqueline Adan, 30 years old, experienced body shaming herself, even though she lost more than half of her weight in the past. When Jacqueline went on a holiday in Mexico, she decided to wear a swimsuit, for the first time in years.

She was reluctant but managed to overcome her nerves. She donned a swimsuit and went to the beach.

Jacqueline recounted how she decided to wear a swimsuit, removing a coverup. However, when she did, a couple nearby started to make fun of her.

She posted on her Instagram account:

“I still felt like that same 500 pound girl…then it happened. A couple sitting by the pool started laughing and pointing at me and making fun of me as soon as I took my cover-up off.”

“So what did I do? I took a deep breath, smiled and walked into the pool. That was a huge moment for me. I had changed. I was not the same girl anymore. Yes I still have a lot of loose skin, I may still feel insecure at times, and yes I may still get made fun of.”

She never had the courage to wear a swimsuit in public, but when she did,
a couple made fun of her.

Though the actions of the couple bothered her, she said she will not let other people affect her because they don’t know her and how she struggled to lose 350 pounds.

Jacqueline added:

“They do not know how I am recovering from major surgeries. They have no right to sit and point and laugh at me. That’s why I smiled. It does not matter what others say or if they try to doubt you or try to bring you down.”

Jacqueline experienced body shaming when she was still heavy, and even now that she lost so much weight.

In 2012, she realized that she needed to lose weight so she joined Jenny Craig.

At first, she was motivated to set a 300-pound weight loss goal.

She lost 100 pounds in her first year and in 2015, she started boot camp classes at Fit for Life Solutions.

She eventually lost most of her weight and is determined to maintain her weight today. The blogger, who has been sharing her weight loss journey on Instagram and Facebook, is determined to lose all the sagging skin, maintain her weight and live a healthier life.


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