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Obese Cops Sent to “Belly Destruction” Boot Camp for Intense Training





The big disadvantage of having overweight cops? They’d have a hard time chasing crooks in case the need arises.

This is exactly the reason why Thailand has launched a diet and exercise program for their police force. According to reports, overweight personnel will be required to attend a two-week training at the Central Police Training Center in the city of Pak Chong.

Welcome to Thailand’s “Belly Destruction” boot camp.

Senior Sgt. Maj. Sornpetch Chantarak, who also works as the program’s dietary enforcer, pointed out:

“There are so many problems if you’re a fat cop. You work slow and move slow as you go tumbling about. That’s unacceptable if you’re an officer tasked with arresting criminals, since you have to be deft and go quickly.”

Around 200 policemen have participated in the program in March and Sornpetch shared that they’ve had success so far as those who weighed 80 kg slimmed down to 60 kg while others who were at 200 kg lost at least 60 kg or more.

As Sornpetch explained, police stations across the country have been asked to send 2 or 3 fat cops to the program, although he was quick to add that those who are most obese are usually assigned to do office works.

He said:

“Mostly they’re in charge of filing records. They also don’t exercise, or eat too rich and too much.”

During the training, the plus-sized law enforcers go through several physical activities including working out and biking. They also follow a strict protein-heavy diet.

Photos from the boot camp have since gone viral after being posted on social media.

Needless to say, many netizens have been praising the initiative, commenting that the “much-needed” program will benefit not only the cops but the public as well.

According to Sornpetch, they’re now eager to have the next batch of boot camp participants.

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