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Woman Met Her Doppelganger Online, Nobody Can Tell Who’s Who!





Have you ever met someone like you? You share the same interests, qualities and identical appearance as well? Did you ever imagine somebody who looks exactly like you aside from your siblings or relatives exist? It is odd to find a stranger that looks like your identical twin, how would you react if you find someone like you?

There is a website named Twin Strangers that can help you find your “doppelganger”. A story of two women who look exactly the same met in this website and decided to meet in person; the video of their first meeting went viral. This is unusual since research says that there is a very slim chance for a person to find their “twin stranger”.

Shannon Lonergan, 21 years old signed up in Twin Strangers but didn’t find someone that look exactly like her. After a few months Sara Nordstorm, 17 years old joined the website and found Shannon. The two beautiful ladies decided to meet in person. They don’t have facial resemblance moreover they look exactly the same like twins and the unusual part is, they are not related at all.

Sara Nordstorm is from Sweden while Shannon Lonergan is from Ireland. The two met in Dublin. As they met, Sara said, “It felt a bit surreal when we finally met, a bit like looking at yourself.” Sara and Shannon have different personalities but they said, “They feel like old friends.”

Shannon’s father was able to meet Sara, and he had a hard time at first distinguishing who is Shannon from Sara. The father of Shannon said, “I’m still getting over it, it’s amazing, I’m speechless. I definitely think Sara could be my daughter, yeah.”

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It is unusual to find someone like your twin, but there is a possibility with the help of Twin Strangers website. Think you might have a twin stranger? For a small fee, the site allows you to put in your facial features and search for a match, here.

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