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11 Photos Of Strangers Making Someone’s Day A Lot Better

#2 makes my cheeks hurt from smiling.






A simple act of kindness goes a long way. While some gestures could end in just a couple of minutes, the effect that it made to someone certainly lasts a lot longer than that.

Sometimes we focus so much on bringing positive energy into our own lives that we forgot to project that same positive energy outwards. Take some time away from yourself and use these tips to brighten up someone’s day like these 11 strangers who made other people’s day a whole lot better.

1. Young guy teaches older man how to use Google Maps.

A young guy spent 20 minutes teaching an older man how to use Google Maps. After seeing the latter struggling to use direction services, the former did not hesistate to help out.

2. This young man covers the steel pole so the old lady won’t bump her head into it.

3. An old lady needed to cross the road so drivers decided stopped to let her pass safely.

4. One driver shielded a biker who fell down.

5. A struggling student received a smartphone from the class.

6. This guy gave up his shoes to someone who needs them more.

This man noticed that a homeless man had no shoes on, so he took his extra pair and gave them to him.

7. Batman is always ready to rescue those who are in need.

8. People gave free snacks for participants in a marathon competition.

9. Health workers taking turns in saving a boy’s life.

In case you want to know, these heroes managed to save the boy!

10. True sportsmanship.

11. A driver stops cars to let a truck driver change lanes.

It’s not that hard to make other people smile. There’s a hero in each and every one of us. All we have to do is release this alter-ego once in a while to make this world a better place to live in.

Do a good deed today.

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21 Everyday Heroes That Make Our World A Better Place

#5 makes my heart melt.




We’ve read and heard about heroes in school, so we have always been aware of these selfless people and animals since we were small. Little did we know that these heroes don’t only live in our books or documentaries, they can also be everyday people like you and me.

There are no small or big gestures to be considered a hero. The most important part is that you did the act whole-heartedly. Here are 21 everyday heroes that make our world a better place to live in.

1. A firefighter takes a rest after a long shift.

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Customers Buy Out Bakery’s Entire Stock Every Day So Owner Can Spend Time With Ill Wife

People are not as terrible as you think.




People queued for as early as 4:30 am just to buy donuts in one particular shop. Yes, the fried dough confections of Donut City in Seal Beach, California are delicious, but that's not the only reason why patrons have been purchasing them by the dozen.

So why are customers in such a hurry to buy out the store? It's because they want the owner John Chhan to finish his shift and spend time with his sick wife Stella.

John and Stella were owners of Donut City for almost three decades. They are open seven days a week, and would only close the shop once all of their products are sold out. But on a recent visit, customers noticed the 62-year-old man running the shop without his wife. That’s when they found out that Stella was recovering at a nursing facility after she suffered an aneurysm.

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Dramatic Video Shows Fisherman Jumping On Distressed Whale’s Back To Save Its Life

“If we wanted the whale to survive we had to go get it.”




Humpback whales can weigh in at a whopping 40 tons and stretch 50 feet from nose to tail, so you won’t usually see someone splashing around with it. However, one incident was an exception.

After a day of work, commercial fishermen Nicholas Taron and Sam Synstelien decided to head back into Morro Bay. The pair then saw a humpback whale tangled in a rope, clearly in distress, and they just couldn’t leave the poor creature alone.

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