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She Wrote This Note to Help Her Heartbroken Dog. This is the Sweetest Story Ever…





Romeo and Juliet ain’t got nothing on this star-crossed dog and cat sweethearts. Everyday, the dog will stare out the window to catch even just a fleeting glimpse of his true love, the neighbor’s cat. The feline ladylove sits on the windowsill and stares at him back…so sweet! But one day, her owner placed pots on the spot, which put a halt to the cat’s windowsill activities.

Of course, the dog was utterly heartbroken. The dog’s owner decided to intervene and do something about it…she wrote a heartfelt plea in behalf of her sad pooch. Turns out the the poor dog is still looking at the window trying to see if the cat will be waiting on her usual spot.


The cat’s owner was kind enough to give this love a chance, so she removed the plants from the windowsill so her cat can have her spot back. Aww! On top of that, she placed this touching note…


These adorable creatures just showed us that true love can surpass all!

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