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She Wrote This Note to Help Her Heartbroken Dog. This is the Sweetest Story Ever…

Love comes in many forms.


Romeo and Juliet ain’t got nothing on this star-crossed dog and cat sweethearts. Everyday, the dog will stare out the window to catch even just a fleeting glimpse of his true love, the neighbor’s cat. The feline ladylove sits on the windowsill and stares at him back…so sweet! But one day, her owner placed pots on the spot, which put a halt to the cat’s windowsill activities.

Of course, the dog was utterly heartbroken. The dog’s owner decided to intervene and do something about it…she wrote a heartfelt plea in behalf of her sad pooch. Turns out the the poor dog is still looking at the window trying to see if the cat will be waiting on her usual spot.


The cat’s owner was kind enough to give this love a chance, so she removed the plants from the windowsill so her cat can have her spot back. Aww! On top of that, she placed this touching note…


These adorable creatures just showed us that true love can surpass all!


Brothers Recreate Childhood Photos To Make The Best Calendar For Mom

And the “Sons of the Year Award” goes to… *drumroll*

The most rewarding thing for parents especially mothers is seeing how their children have grown. From that time they were born, learn how to walk, talk, to their first cry, giggle and every important milestone. While our mothers get too sentimental realizing we're not babies anymore, it also gives them a sense of pride and joy looking through old photographs and that alone can make their day.

These three brothers exactly want to do just that--make their mother happy and what they come up with is hilariously cute and sweet. They decided to recreate their childhood photos with the help of their grandmother and father to surprise their mother with a personalized calendar.

Uploaded to Reddit by one of the brothers with the username bonebowl, the images have been viral since. According to him they live in the same house where the photos were originally taken, they have kept some of their clothes and toys too so the plan was perfectly set.

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Home & DIY

This Guy Transformed His 396 Square Feet Garage into an Awesome Apartment. This is So Cool!

He wanted to upgrade his garage into a livable space and decided to convert it into an apartment.


To add more value to any of your property, transform it into a decent and very attractive place. However, such enticing scenario entails bigger investment. But if you are the type of person who usually wants to cut the cost and avoid spending so much money, you might want to consider to “Do It Yourself” some parts of the renovation. It might lessen the expenses, but it can be pretty much costly in terms of your time and effort.

Mikey McCartney, shared his photos and story on how he managed to transform his 396 square feet garage into a nice apartment. The place required a lot of work since it did not have yet the plumbing and electricity. Installation of the basic amenities like bathroom and kitchen also posed a big concern. It requires extensive renovations to have modern conveniences such as internet and cable TV. The perimeter walls were completely modified to add insulation, doors, air-conditioning and, of course, windows.

Check the incredible works of Mikey. Fortunately, he took photos of the “then and now” moments of the garage for you to see the amazing transformation!

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Hardly Ever Seen: The Alien-Looking Megamouth Shark Washes Ashore in the Philippines.

This mysterious creature which can live up to 100 years old, was caught by fishermen in the Philippines.

The rare and rather strange-looking Megamouth Shark (Megachasma pelagios) was discovered in 1979 when one was hauled out of the ocean by a US Navy vessel. Before this time, scientists could not even confirm they existed. They live in the very depths of the sea and are rarely seen by the human eye. This one, however, somehow washed ashore on Pioduran, Albay, in the Philippines.

These round-headed creatures with an unbelievable 50 rows of tiny sharp teeth have so far been seen 15 times in the Philippines and a number of times in Japan as well. But overall, they have only ever been spotted about 66 times in the world.

Villagers used a stretcher and iron rods to carry the rare 15-foot (4.5-m) Megamouth shark.


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