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This House and Lot for Sale Comes with a Free Wife. Are You Interested?





Lia verified to local media that the offer to buy her house and marrying her as wife is indeed, legit. Although the initial purpose was to merely market the house and lot, Dian, her realtor, laid down the cards in conceptualizing the whole package deal.

“Dian suggested I put up the tagline ‘Buy the house and marry the owner at the same time!’… And I said okay to it. I’m looking for a husband anyway”, Lia said in After merely three days, the ad property on has now breached the internet. “I don’t blame Dian as I did agree with the tagline,” she said.

She doesn’t have any particular criteria for a husband.


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Lia, also a salon owner, however did specify that her preferences are really not that constrained on finding THE ONE. “Every time I fall in love, it fails. It’s happened twice now,” she told

“My wish is to sell this house, but it would be great if I also meet my soulmate. The important thing is he should be single – never been married or a widower – mature and responsible,” she added.

Being spiritually inclined and father-material to her kids are also an add-on to the man of her dreams. “He just has to be a good Muslim and family leader. I also hope my husband will support my wearing a hijab (headscarf),” she said.

This is the IDR999 million ($76,500) house and lot.


Photo credit: Rumahdijual
It has two spacious bedrooms, two bathrooms, and granite flooring.


Photo credit: Rumahdijual
It also has a fish pond and a spacious backyard.


Photo credit: Rumahdijual

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