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Boxer Pleads Referee To Stop The Fight After Pulverizing Helpless Opponent





In a New Zealand boxing match held last week, heavyweight fighter Willis Meehan from Australia pleaded the referee amidst his sure victory – all because he was so worried about his clearly underdog opponent.

While throwing punches on New Zealander Leamy Tato, Meehan simultaneously spoke with the referee, expressing his concern.

In the controversial fight, Tato was seen failing to deliver, with blood splattered all over the place while receiving continuous punches on the head from Meehan.

The situation has resulted in Meehan pleading, saying, “Stop the f****** fight.”

In the middle of the second round, the fight was finally stopped and Meehan was immediately seen wrapping his arms around his opponent, signifying his sincere concern.

Reports say that the match could have ended after the first round but it was still continued into the second.

According to reports, the fight should have been stopped after the first round but was allowed to continue into a second.

“I think when the ref sees it’s an obvious outclassing he should step in earlier,” Meehan said after the match. “But it’s the hurt business we are in. I got the job done and he’s safe, he’s on his two feet at the end of the night.”

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