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Clever Bookshelf Can Be Reassembled Into A Coffin After The Owner’s Death




  • William Warren’s ‘Shelves for Life’ is a unique bookshelf – it can reassemble into a coffin.
  • The furniture has been designed to “last you a lifetime,” according to Warren.

Here’s a bookshelf that’s totally like no other. What makes it different from others, you may ask? Well this one can actually transform into a coffin!

Sure, it may sound a bit morbid to some but if you’re the type of person who wants to make the most of your purchases – plus if you’re someone who wants to prepare for the grim eventualities of the future, this may just spark your interest.

The furniture specifically “designed to last you a lifetime.”

Created by William Warren, ‘Shelves for Life’ has been designed not only to hold your favorite books but to be with you till the end. As you can see on the photos below, this unique shelf reassembles into a coffin.

Warren explained:

“The wood will color, the surfaces will mark and stain, and over the years and the furniture will become a part of you.”

Of course, not everyone immediately saw the beauty of his creation. For example, he was rejected by a company from Japan when he pitched the product to them.

“They really didn’t like the reminder of death,” he reflected.

Still, the designer went ahead with his bizarre creation because he believes in its practicality.

In a Bored Panda interview, Warren said death is inevitable and if we don’t prepare for it, our family members will be forced to spend big bucks and then we’ll simply end up “buried or burnt in a chipboard box with paper that looks like wood and plastic handles that look like brass.”

Warren’s work gradually gained fans and now he’s offering it online for interested buyers. Go check out his official website for additional details.

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