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Why The ‘Perfect Body’ Keeps Changing And What It Will Be Like In The Future





Having the “perfect body ” type is something that many people strive for. Although we are all aware that there is no such thing as “perfect,” we still aim for it as we connect perfection to being beautiful.

What we keep forgetting is the fact that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” In fact, what’s considered “perfect” today might not be seen that way tomorrow. Here’s why the concept of a “perfect body” continues to change and what it will possibly be like in the years to come.

Hunger can actually be a factor.

According to a research, even today’s men confess that they find plus-sized women more charming when they’re starving.

Co-researcher Dr. Martin Tovée, from Newcastle University, said:

“Your cognitive state, your drives and your interests are dependent on your underlying physiology, your blood sugar levels and your hormone levels and these depend upon hunger.”

Society often dictates the ideals.

Most of us let society define the “perfect body” shape. We mostly base it on a current popular celebrity or social media star’s physique.

An hourglass figure actually means something.

It is believed that wide hips, a big belly, and large breasts were associated with sensuality and fertility. A study even backed it up, noting that women with an hourglass figure have a high estradiol and progesterone levels, which are essential hormones that help with conception.

Androgyny is the new beauty.

“Girl power” is more than just a catchy line. A lot of women realized that they are enough and didn’t have to please men. If they want shorter hair and stop enhancing their curves, they allow themselves to do that.

Diversity matters!

In the world of social media, people were exposed to various body shapes. A lot of famous and regular people use these platforms in an attempt to show awareness that the “perfect body type” is not just one shape.

As for the future, it’s likely that the “perfect body” shape for women will stay slim. Why? It is because most of the countries of the civilized world have enough food to eat, so plump shapes will be associated with obesity.

Although the hourglass figure will still be an ideal shape, people will be more open-minded when it comes to androgyny. It is highly possible that the feminine beauty standard in the near future will lack any gender indicators.

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