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5 Fun Activities To Do When You’re In White Sands, New Mexico




  • New Mexico’s White Sands National Park is a must-see for any tourist.
  • The place offers a wide variety of activities for visitors to enjoy.

The White Sands National Park in Tularosa Basin, New Mexico has always been a favorite destination for many. Visitors get to enjoy the beautiful sand dune field plus the place is likewise a great spot for various activities.

Whether you are traveling alone or with family members, White Sands is a perfect pick for those who love the great outdoors. Here are 5 fun activities you can try in the park:

#1. Camping

Love camping? Feel free to bring your tents when you go to White Sands! Just make sure to contact them ahead of time to reserve a spot and be prepared to pay for the camping fee and park entrance permit.

And yes, don’t forget to bring adequate food, drinks, and other essentials to make your desert stay comfortable

#2. Dune Sliding

For the adventurous, you can go sliding down White Sands’ dunes using your saucer sled. Just look around for a good area that’s not too crowded.

#3. Go Hiking

Hikers will fall in love with the numerous trails in White Sands. Be reminded, however, that desert hiking can be a bit challenging so you need to practice extreme caution so as to avoid untoward incidents.

#4. Stargazing

At night, you can chill out with your friends and loved ones. You’re guaranteed to have the best stargazing experience of your life as you view the wide skies away from the city lights.

#5. Bicycling

Bicycling is allowed in certain areas as long as you observe safety precautions. Dune Drives, for example, is a 16-mile round trip so if you’re thinking of bringing your bike make sure to wear proper gear and stay hydrated.

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