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What Would You Do If Your Car’s Gas Pedal Gets Stuck?





It does not happen very often, but it is possible for your car’s gas pedal to get stuck. Obviously, the situation can be frightening and traumatizing (not to mention it is extremely dangerous). But if you stay calm and act accordingly, it can be overcome.

Usually, a broken or faulty gas pedal is due to mechanical malfunctions. It can also be caused by a floor mat that has wedges preventing the pedal from working accordingly. Not to worry, though – there is a strategy to counter this scary situation.

A gas pedal getting stuck rarely happens, but when it does, it can be extremely dangerous.

Source: Consumerist

A video featuring a scary scene where a car’s gas pedal gets stuck in the middle of the road is making rounds on Facebook. The woman driver can be heard screaming on top of her lungs, as she does not know what to do. And no matter how she hits the brake pedal, it doesn’t work – the car is still racing at a speed of 175 horsepower. Although she is successful in contacting the authorities, she is still helpless. They are even having a hard time moving past her.

One of the common causes of a stuck gas pedal is the car’s floor mat.

Source: Inautonews

So, what do you think you’d do if your car’s gas pedal is malfunctioning?

  1. Would you use the emergency brake and steer onto the shoulder?
  2. Would you rather jam the car into Neutral?
  3. Would you turn the car engine off instead?
Watch the full video below:

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The right thing to do is to jam the car into neutral, disabling its ability to accelerate faster and further. If you think it’s not a good choice, watch the video. You will learn why the other options will only make things worse. For example, despite hitting the brake pedal so hard, the vehicle will continue to accelerate.

Believe it or not, the answer is to put the car into neutral. By disengaging the transmission, you are disconnecting the gears that help provide speed and acceleration. And even if the car continues to race, you have cut off its ability to accelerate further. Of course, you still need to try hitting the brakes. With the engine no longer engaged, the brake system will work eventually until you hit a full stop.

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