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Wendy’s Is Delivering Some Savage Burns On Twitter





Let’s all be a little candid here: If you are working in customer service, your main job is to please people and to represent your company in a positive light. You have to be calm, polite, and patient at all times. You can’t afford to be sarcastic and rude, even to the most annoying of customers. Also, it’s usually a big no-no to attack your competitors.

Well, these rules obviously do not apply to the person behind Wendy’s Twitter account. This guy (or girl?) has built a reputation for dishing out nasty and hilarious remarks whenever the mood strikes.

In fact, we’ve made an earlier post when Wendy’s made a funny Twitter rampage. Now we’re back with more serious and savage burns, as dished out by this popular fast food joint.

We got this compilation from the ThunderDungeon Facebook page and honestly, we can’t get enough of it. Scroll down below and prepare to laugh your ass off!

#1. The 4-piece chicken nugget and the 4-word savage response.

#2. Wendy’s being a nasty grammar nazi.

#3. This would piss off Ronald McDonald.

#4. Well, you asked for it…

#5. Wendy’s or Chic Fil A?

#6. That is one serious burn!

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