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Twin Grooms Get Married To Twin Brides – And The Wedding Officiators Are Twin Priests, Too!





Pardon the pun but the pictures below will really give you, uhm, a double take. A unique wedding was held in St Xavier’s Church in the Thrissur district in Kerala, India. What makes the ceremony different from others is the fact that it has been dubbed by many as the “wedding of twins.”

Why? Well, the marriage featured twins – from the groom and bride, to the flower girls and page boys, to even the officiating priests. The photos eventually went viral online after being published on social media and as news websites begin picking up the story.

Scroll down and see for yourself:

Twin brothers Dilraj and Dilkar married twin sisters Reema and Reena.


Photo credit: Facebook
The wedding officiators are – surprise, surprise – twin Priests as well!

wedding-of-twins-india 2

Photo credit: Facebook
To make things more confusing, even the flower girls and page boys are twins.

wedding-of-twins-india 4

Photo credit: Facebook
It’s absolutely a wedding like no other

wedding-of-twins-india 3

Photo credit: Facebook

Those who have seen the images online had to wonder about a few things – wouldn’t the brides and grooms get confused who their real partners are? Will their children look like twins as well?

Watch the footage here:

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It would have been interesting to know how the twins met for the first time and how they eventually fell in love with each other. Sadly though, no details have been provided about the identical couples.

Anyway, best wishes to all these twins!


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