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Walmart Security Falsely Accuses a Long-time Shopper of Stealing, Regrets It Big Time

He was forced to retreat to his office in shame.

Any grocery store, big or small, has to deal with the problem of shoplifters. This is especially true in the case of Walmart, one of the biggest chains of department stores in the world. With huge stores filled to the brim with every merchandise imaginable, from food to electronics, it can be hard to keep track of the comings and goings of shoppers and employees alike.

Let us put it this way, if a zombie apocalypse truly happens, a Walmart store is probably the best place to shut yourself in. What’s in there could maybe keep you alive for at least a year.

Stores so big, it’s hard to keep track of shoplifters.

But Walmart actually loses a percentage of its yearly revenue to loss or theft. This prompted the company to tighten the security in its stores by placing employees, who are called loss prevention workers, behind checkout counters to check the receipts of customers for any incidence of theft. This is a good move on Walmart’s part, but when one of their staff falsely accuses a shopper of stealing – one who happens to be a loyal shopper at that – well, the store can actually lose customers instead of retaining them.

See, this Walmart employee stopped a shopper from getting out of the counter because he supposedly found an item that was not accounted for. The item in question was a Lion King toy that originally cost $15, but was actually marked down to $7. The lady, who was identified as 45-year old Gina Lescarbeau, paid for the sale price and it was the amount reflected in the receipt.

The employee failed to see the adjustment in the price and accused the woman of stealing the toy.

Source: YouTube

He called out the woman and asked her to come to the office with him, therefore embarrassing her in front of the other shoppers.

Of course, the woman stood her ground. It’s a good thing she decided to record the whole exchange on Facebook Live too. She was so incensed by the accusation that she started cursing at the employee and demanded that he check the receipt again. The employee realized his embarrassing blunder and was forced to retreat to the office to save face.

Watch the heated argument between the shopper and the employee:

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Viral Tinder Lovebirds Finally Met In Person After Three Years Of Sarcastic Excuses

The viral Tinder couple who shared sarcastic messages for three long years finally met each other in person and they had their first date in front of millions through “Good Morning America!”

Fate can work in a funny and mysterious way for some people looking for love. This is exactly how things worked out for two Kent State University seniors who had a sarcastic exchange of messages in Tinder for three years! What’s more interesting about their unconventional courtship is that they only have 11 messages to look back in their long online dating history!

However, Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas are no longer strangers to each other as Tinder already got involved for these lovebirds to finally see each other.

Remember how Josh and Michelle’s story went viral on Twitter? The 22-year-old Zoology student wrote on Twitter how he desires to see his virtual acquaintance in person and promised that their meet up will be epic. ...

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Canadian Religious Leader Found Guilty of Having 25 Wives

According to him, it was part of their religious beliefs which consisted of “celestial marriages”.

60-year-old Winston Blackmore, a former leader of a religious group in Canada, has been found guilty of practicing polygamy. This was the result of a lengthy legal battle that was first launched back in the 1990s.

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Sheri Ann Donegan explained the verdict by saying that available evidence all pointed to the fact that Blackmore has been married to his 25 wives.

Winston Blackmore clarified that he never even attempted to deny having multiple wives.


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MMA Fighter Earns Ire After Fighting Security Guards

It is the modern David vs. Goliath fight!

Seeing men – and even women – fight on streets or public establishments is not a rare thing. Heck, these sort of events even get shared on social media sites, as many netizens seem to love the thought of violence. This is exactly what a viral video of an MMA fighter taking on a puny security guard is all about. It is like a David vs. Goliath scene but set in modern times.

The said video was courtesy of a Facebook page called Discover Subang Jaya. And believe it or not, they covered the incident like a real fight from the UFC octagon.

A video of a security guard going up against a huge MMA fighter is circulating online.


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