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Shoplifter Gets Arrested After Wearing ‘I Pooped Today’ Shirt Twice




  • Texas man John Hunt has been arrested by authorities in Wichita for shoplifting.
  • Apparently, he and his alleged accomplice Kevin Lapointe stole some expensive items from a local Walmart store.
  • Employees tried chasing them but the two got away.
  • Authorities eventually identified Hunt as one of the shoplifters after Walmart workers described him wearing an ‘I pooped today’ shirt.
  • He is now facing a 9-month imprisonment for his crimes.

A shoplifter almost got away from his crime but he eventually ended up getting arrested by authorities because of his, well, crappy fashion choice.

Apparently, shoplifter John Hunt wore a shirt that had the words ‘I pooped today.’ He had it on while he distracted Walmart workers in Wichita Falls, Texas, in order to help his alleged partner Kevin Lapointe steal items easier.

John Hunt has been identified by the Wichita Police as one of the two shoplifters at Walmart because of his distinctive shirt design.

According to reports, staff members chased the two but they were able to escape with the expensive items they stole. Eventually, the employees described the thieves to the police and one of the law enforcers remembered another instance of robbery when a culprit also wore the same shirt – which made them conclude that both crimes involved exactly the same crook.

We believe he now regrets wearing the same shirt for his past two crimes.

The police successfully captured John and he immediately pleaded guilty. He was given a sentence of nine months in prison.

He was charged with two counts of shoplifting where he stole $600 home security systems and an electricity meter.

Meanwhile, Kevin has also been arrested by cops but has yet to confess of his crimes.

Well we don’t know about you but we think these two could easily make it to the list of the world’s dumbest thieves! They left an obvious trail that led to them being pinned down right away.

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