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Waitress Got $3,000 Tip For Working Hard and ‘Smiling’





Smiles are contagious. People who always smile tend to bring a certain feeling of joy to the people around them that they are often considered a ray of light amidst the world’s unending doom and gloom.

Michelle Bozeman just cannot stop smiling. As a waitress at a busy diner in Napavine, Washington, Michelle remains cheerful to the customers, keeping a sweet smile on her face while working hard and serving good food for 20 years.

Fortunately, her efforts did not go unnoticed as a mystery couple left her a generous tip – a whopping $3,000 for her hard work and constant beaming grin.

Michelle Bozeman received a $3,000 tip for smiling

According to TODAY, Michelle’s generous tippers left her a note at the back of their bill at Napavine’s Ramblin Jack’s Rib Eye restaurant.

“Thanks for smiling. You work hard and the country is in a bad place.”

The note also requested that she pay it forward and do something good for someone else with the money they gave her.

Speaking to TODAY, the 50-year-old waitress and grandmother-of-seven explained that she didn’t notice the tip until after her co-worker pointed it out. By that time, her generous customers had already left the restaurant after paying their modest bill amounting to $44.

“I first found out when [a coworker] said, ‘Do you realize you got $3,000 tip? I looked at it and was astounded,” the waitress said.

She recalled how she had spoken to the couple about her family. As a single mother, she said that she supported all three of her children and seven grandchildren. Bozeman also expressed her love for her job and the people she works with.

Anonymous tippers have been paying it forward to spread kindness across the country

As for the couple’s request, she agreed to pay it forward by sharing the generous tip with her co-workers. She also said she would treat her grandchildren with the money and leave some for a trip to Ireland she and her friend had been planning for a while.

Like Michelle Bozeman, a waitress in New York got an anonymous tip of $3,000 on a meager $43.50 bill. The mystery tipper also asked the waitress to pay it forward and left some instructions on what she can do for others.

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