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Stripped-Down Volkswagen Beetle May Be The World’s Smallest Hotel

It fits a bed and nothing much else.


Bigger is usually better when it comes to hotels and other accommodations. A large hotel room is always an attractive prospect. But in this case, it’s the smallness of this “hotel room” that makes it popular among tourists. It’s none other than an old converted Volkswagen Beetle, stripped down to fit a bed and nothing much else.

64-year-old Mohammed Al-Malahim of Jordan believes that his Beetle is the smallest hotel in the world. He charges $75 for a night’s stay. He started this business in 2011 and has attracted scores of tourists who want to stay in someplace quirky and unconventional.

The car sits on stones in Shoubak, Jordan, overlooking some of the loveliest scenery in the region.

The interior of the car is furnished with embroidered sheets and pillows, all hand-made.

On record, the world’s smallest hotel is actually the Eh’hausl hotel in Amberg, Germany, which is only 173 square feet. But Al-Malahim thinks that his little car deserves the distinction.

“I wanted to start a project that improves its situation and places it on the tourism map, because it truly overlooks some of the most beautiful scenery in the region,” said Al-Malahim to CNN.

Stafford Newsome and Kaitlin Taft, tourists from the U.S., are seen here trying out the tiny hotel.

It’s big enough for just the two of them. This is definitely not for claustrophobics!

Al-Malahim has a cave which serves as the lobby of his “hotel.”

Here he prepares food for his guests and displays souvenir items.

The guests take their meals here.

Aside from the Eh’hausl hotel, other tiny hotels include Hotel Central and Cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has only one double room and a small bathroom with a shower. Guests can use the stocked mini refrigerator, Wi-Fi, and TV. Two bicycles are also provided to use around the city.


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In Alexandria Bay in New York state lies a tiny speck of land just big enough for a small house and a tree. Aptly named Just Room Enough Island, it's one of the 1,864 islands located on the St. Lawrence River which separates New York and Ontario, Canada.

This tiny speck of land in New York state is called Just Room Enough Island.

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The Cardrona Bra Fence has become a unique tourist attraction that started in 1999. It has gained worldwide attention for the colorful brassieres brazenly displayed on the fence.

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