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Viral Video Shows How Makeup Can Drastically Change A Person’s Face





Today, physical attributes are important for most individuals. Beauty works and because of this, many women are clamoring to look stunning and pretty at all times.

Many people argue that media has reinforced certain stereotypes of beauty. For some individuals, the media is just reflecting the sentiments of women today. Thus, most ladies want to have a beautiful face to be accepted and loved by others.

For those who can’t afford cosmetic surgery, they resort to makeup transformations to look beautiful. However, other people believe that these drastic makeup transformations are deceitful because women tend to hide their true facial features.

A viral video, for instance, shows how makeup can drastically change a woman’s face. Many ladies have mastered the art of putting makeup on, and the fad is becoming popular by the minute. With countless makeup tutorials on the internet, it’s not impossible for most women to become makeup experts.

For instance, this pretty girl has makeup on. But how does she look without makeup?

Source: Facebook
Here you go…

Source: Facebook
Could she change how she looks by just applying makeup?

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Amazing, right?

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This is how she looks like all dolled up.

Source: Facebook
Her no-makeup look

Source: Facebook

This video just shows how people can change their appearance with makeup. Though it’s not at all bad to improve oneself, this type of transformation shows how women can hide their true self behind a mask of beauty, just to please others and feel better.

Beauty is defined in so many ways as it comes in various forms and shapes. But one thing’s for sure, every woman has her own unique qualities and characteristics that make her stand out from others. In the society today, beauty is regarded as an essential thing to have, but it’s actually just a bonus. Women with the right attitude and confidence are beautiful just the way they are, even without makeup.

Here’s the viral video, be the judge.

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