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Viral Video Shows How Makeup Can Drastically Change A Person’s Face

Wow, they look very different with makeup.


Today, physical attributes are important for most individuals. Beauty works and because of this, many women are clamoring to look stunning and pretty at all times.

Many people argue that media has reinforced certain stereotypes of beauty. For some individuals, the media is just reflecting the sentiments of women today. Thus, most ladies want to have a beautiful face to be accepted and loved by others.

For those who can’t afford cosmetic surgery, they resort to makeup transformations to look beautiful. However, other people believe that these drastic makeup transformations are deceitful because women tend to hide their true facial features.

A viral video, for instance, shows how makeup can drastically change a woman’s face. Many ladies have mastered the art of putting makeup on, and the fad is becoming popular by the minute. With countless makeup tutorials on the internet, it’s not impossible for most women to become makeup experts.

For instance, this pretty girl has makeup on. But how does she look without makeup?

Source: Facebook
Here you go…

Source: Facebook
Could she change how she looks by just applying makeup?

Source: Facebook
Amazing, right?

Source: Facebook
This is how she looks like all dolled up.

Source: Facebook
Her no-makeup look

Source: Facebook

This video just shows how people can change their appearance with makeup. Though it’s not at all bad to improve oneself, this type of transformation shows how women can hide their true self behind a mask of beauty, just to please others and feel better.

Beauty is defined in so many ways as it comes in various forms and shapes. But one thing’s for sure, every woman has her own unique qualities and characteristics that make her stand out from others. In the society today, beauty is regarded as an essential thing to have, but it’s actually just a bonus. Women with the right attitude and confidence are beautiful just the way they are, even without makeup.

Here’s the viral video, be the judge.

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4 Major Signs A Marriage Won’t Last, According To Wedding Planners Themselves

Wedding planners are not only skillful in setting up wedding events. Apparently, they are also keen at looking for signs whether they’re planning weddings that will last or not.

When we attend weddings, we hope that the romance between the couple lasts forever as they vowed to keep in front of anyone during the ceremony. But in reality, life isn’t always about roses, chocolates, and dates. Sadly, there are relationships that don’t last in love, and apparently, you can see clear signs whether a marriage is about to go on a lifetime or sometimes as early as the wedding!

While wedding planners are the prime witnesses on how lovers put in an effort to make their big day really special, they are also, oddly, the first ones to determine if a marriage would last or not. So while it’s funny how wedding planners are one of the first people to fix your union, they share the following signs they usually notice that tells them their clients are marrying the wrong person.

How will you know if your marriage will last or not?

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The Creepy Halloween Booze That Has Been Cursed By A Real Witch

The creepiest Halloween drink is out, but be careful as the booze carries a horrifying story with it!

The Halloween is just around the corner and all sorts of creepy gimmicks are starting to come out. From donning a realistic zombie costume to decorating a house like something sinister is about to happen, people are putting a lot of efforts to feel the spirit of Halloween.

But how about swaying away from the usual pumpkin cookies and red gelos that mirror a bloody drink for the Halloween treats? How about trying the new booze that’s sure to give you the chills and horror of being mystified by a supernatural being.

The creepiest Halloween drink might be exceptionally delicious but it has a dark secret behind its ingredients.

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13 Illustrations Shows How Modern “Justice” In Different Countries Looks Like

It goes without saying that justice system can be flawed.

As we all know it, one of the most sensitive subjects to tackle these days is the concept of human rights. Due to the huge cultural differences among countries, it can be difficult to find the perfect middle ground without offending age-old local customs.

Gunduz Agayev, a very talented illustrator, decided to dabble on the issue of human rights and fearlessly created several powerful illustrations in order to raise awareness. Using his talent, he unveiled the horrible reality about the justice system nowadays, no holds barred.

It should be noted that the opinions these illustrations contain are all from the artist Gunduz Agayev.

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