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Intense Moment Fearless Security Guard Fights Off 2 Bank Robbers in Seconds

This is the kind of security guard we all need!


Recently, a viral CCTV footage was making rounds in the internet. It shows two men attempting to rob a bank. Fortunately, a brave security guard was there to stop them and the heart-stopping encounter was caught on video.

As we all know, banks are probably the establishments that appear very attractive to criminals. They are definitely among the places that are most vulnerable to robbers. This is the grim reality that we have to live with.

Although, generally, banks are safe as only desperate or ruthless criminals would think of robbing banks in broad daylight.

Watch this heart-stopping video of the security guard’s “hero moment.”

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CCTV footage from the bank shows that the guard seemed to have already sensed right from the very start that the man in a cap was up to no good. As the man went through the bank’s revolving door, the guard was watching him closely.

The robber cowers on the side as the guard shoots at his accomplice.

Aside from the heroic guard, police also commended the quick-thinking bank teller who pushed the emergency switch that locked the revolving door when the robber tried to get away. While the robber’s accomplice initially escaped, police were able to get his name and eventually track him down.

The security guard fought off the robbers in just seconds.

Source: LiveLeak

The guard was commended for his bravery. But, of course, his name was not revealed in reports. This was to protect his identity from the possible retaliation of the robber’s cohorts.


Chinese Restaurant in Italy Accused of Serving Human Feet to Customers

This really doesn’t help the stereotype of being served “mystery meats” at your favorite Chinese restaurant.

The point of eating out at a restaurant is knowing that your food is prepared by a professional who knows what he or she is doing. So when they say they're serving you chicken, there's a whole sector of the government dedicated to making sure that it is indeed chicken (and edible chicken at that!) they're serving.

So just imagine the surprise of a customer at a Chinese restaurant in Italy when they discovered they may have just been fed human feet!

The waiter at the said Chinese restaurant posted a gruesome picture taken at the restaurant's kitchen. It appears to be a pair of partially decomposed human feet in a blue bowl.

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Siblings Recreate Hilarious Photos of Themselves Passed Out as Kids

As if their childhood photos weren’t funny enough, they decided to recreate the hilarious images as adults!

Kids do a ton of things while their energy levels are high. They do a lot of running around and playing, so it's no surprise that they'd suddenly fall asleep at the most inopportune moments. Some of these moments are lost to time, while others are immortalized in hilarious photos taken by grown-ups!

Reddit user Bsnargleplexis knows this, and he's got the photographic evidence of him and his siblings passed out as kids. And while it may be fun to look back on as adults, it's even more fun to recreate them, complete with all the details, and some great photo editing work too!

Check out their snapshots below.

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20 of the Most Embarrassing Spelling Errors Ever

I once had a conversation with a fellow writer who shared one of her most embarrassing typos ever – she accidentally typed “pay per lick” instead of “pay per click” in one of her articles! You can just imagine her relief when she spotted the error before she sent the content to her client.

Sure, making mistakes is part of being human but as my writer friend would attest, it pays to check your spelling and grammar at all times – especially if your words will be immortalized for everyone to see.

This list of hilarious spelling fails will surely crack you up and, yes, remind you to be careful with what you write.

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