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Students in Vietnam Need To Be Carried In Plastic Bags Across Flooded River To Go To School

They go through all this just to attend their classes!

  • The young students of a Vietnamese village need to cross a river to get to their school.
  • When the river is flooded, they need to be ferried across the dangerous waters by the village’s stronger men.
  • The children are placed inside plastic bags and carried across the strong current.

Most children are lucky enough to ride a bus to school every day. However, things aren’t quite as easy for young students in a village in Vietnam. These kids need to cross a river to get to school. When the river is flooded, they need to be placed inside plastic bags so they can be ferried across the dangerous waters.

This is the life of the children who live in the Huoi Ha village in the Dien Bien province of Vietnam. The village is so remote that the students have to cross a river then a forest just to get to school. Unfortunately, the children have a major dilemma when the river is flooded and too dangerous to cross by a raft. On days like these, they need to sit inside large plastic bags that are sealed up and carried across the waters by able-bodied adults.

These students are preparing for a long journey just to get to school.

The entire village works together during the flood season to make sure the children can get across the river. The students usually bring their own plastic bags in which they will be transported.

These children will sit inside the plastic bag which is sealed to keep them dry. The stronger men who can brave the stream then carry them across the river.

It’s a risky move and the students are usually nervous about having to be ferried across the dangerous waters. However, they also understand that this is necessary so they can continue attending their classes.

Once they are brought safely across the river, the students must then journey five miles through a dense forest to get to the school. It’s a long trip so the children choose to spend the entire week at the school, only returning home for the weekend.

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