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Detailed Video Shows What Happens When Taser Hits Your Skin





You’ve seen them in the news, you’ve watched hero cops use it to stop bad guys. But what really happens when you get tasered?

There has been a lot of controversy about this weapon and we’ve even heard of a cop who actually accidentally killed someone just because he thought that a gun was a taser, but more than knowing how to use it, seeing how it really makes an impact on human skin really reveals a lot about this weapon.

Slow Mo Guys went to Arizona to capture on video what really happens when a taser hits the skin in slow motion. And we mean really slow motion at 28,000 fps!

It may seem just like a normal weapon when you see it fired, but on slow motion, it becomes a whole different weapon when pieces of “confetti” scatter as the taser is fired and aimed on a man’s back.

Just a bit of a warning: If you are easily grossed out, you may want to take a deep breath at the second half of the video. It will totally haunt your dreams!

Watch the video here:

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