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Upset Wife Gets An Unexpected Surprise From Husband Who ‘Forgot’ Their Anniversary





Giving gifts during wedding anniversaries have always been a tradition for many. Somehow, the mere fact that a couple remembers and celebrates their relationship helps strengthen their bond as husband and wife.

However, picking the best gift for your partner is not always easy. Generally speaking, you really have to know your partner well enough to come up with a great idea. Not to mention that you need to take advantage of the element of surprise!

Well what the husband did in the video below is just amazing. He simply knows what his wife needs at exactly the right moment. After working hard for a living, the husband knows that his wife deserves another vacation. Without his wife’s knowledge, he has been secretly planning the trip all along. 

And what makes his surprise a great success is the timing. At the last minute, the husband surprises his wife about the vacation and that she only has an hour and a half to pack her things up before the cab arrives. 

Nothing can beat that kind of a surprise!

She was entirely clueless!

The video, uploaded online by DPinthapeg on his YouTube channel, has since gained a lot of positive feedback online.

In the video description, he wrote:

“My wife thought we were leaving for work. Little did she know I already booked her the time off, and we were headed for the airport to fly to Europe for our 5 year anniversary!”

Many netizens have been touched by the short video.

One commenter, in particular, observed:

“At 0:30 you can see exactly the moment where the adult worker woman transforms into her 13 y/o self. Awesome surprise, dude. Kudos.”

Watch the heartwarming video below and see the wife’s epic reaction:

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Well what do you think of this awesome wedding anniversary gift? Has your spouse surprised you in a similar way? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!

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