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This Shaolin Monk Trained for Years In Order To “Walk on Water”

Walking on water? Challenge accepted.

Ann Nuñez





Flying without the help of any mechanism. Telepathy. Walking on water. These, together with other mind-boggling stunts, are just some of the things humanity has crossed off as feats that are nearly or totally impossible to perform.

However, Shi Liliang, a Shaolin monk from China, just proved otherwise – by successfully performing the extraordinary act of walking on water.

Meet Shi Liliang, a Shaolin monk from Quanzhou, China.


Photo credit: BuzzFeed
He is a member of the Southern Shaolin Monastry, known as the birthplace of kung fu.


Photo credit: gltvs
His amazing stunt earned him a new world record by running atop water for 125 meters.


According to him, the secret lies within the strength of his toes and size of steps he takes.


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The Shaolin monk accomplished the feat in front of a large crowd wishing him to succeed. By just looking at it, it may seem that this run is a fluke; however, this is not the first time he did the trick. He has set a 120 meter record last January.

Watch his extraordinary achievement below:

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Shocking Footage Shows Homeless Man Sacrificing His Own Life to Save a Hostage

This story just proves that bravery and sacrifice can be seen in the most surprising circumstances.

Ann Nuñez



Every day we hear stories of people doing heroic acts of bravery, be it taking care of someone they're not even related to, or just a simple deed that might be a lifesaver for others. But to risk your own life to save that of another - this is one of the ultimate acts of bravery and sacrifice man can ever do. Which is exactly what 61-year-old Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima did, a homeless man from Brazil, when he sacrificed his own life to save that of a woman he didn't even know.

The hostage taker held a woman at gunpoint in front of a church in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

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Neighbor Offers Ride for A Second Grader Who Walks Two Miles to School

A neighbor is always there to lend a hand.

Grace Alviar Viray



A neighbor is always there to lend a hand they say, and that's what Becky Novotny is, who offered a ride to Gabe Bellus, who walks with his mom everyday for about 45 minutes each to go to school and back home. This makes the little boy overly tired.

You see there's a state law that prohibits school buses from picking up kids who live less than four miles from school. This meant an almost 4-hour walk for Kim, Gabe's mom, to bring him to school and pick him up to go home.

Kim, who is also a student herself, cannot afford to buy a car. She has also sought help from the school's administration, but with no success.

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In This City in China, Several Girls Can Share a Boyfriend

“It is a lot easier here to find a girlfriend than a job”

Mini Malabanan



As absurd as it may sound, having three girlfriends in a certain city in China is pretty much considered normal.

Dongguan, dubbed as the "world’s factory", is a city known for its factories manufacturing gadgets such as  iPhones and iPads. The city located in South China’s Guangdong province is also famous for its polyamorous relationships culture and kept men. Apparently, the tremendous imbalance between the two sexes in the city has allowed men to have more than one girlfriend.

Instead of hiring men, local factories with assembly plants prefer employing far more reliable women. As a result, the city has just 89 males for every 100 females.

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