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This Shaolin Monk Trained for Years In Order To “Walk on Water”





Flying without the help of any mechanism. Telepathy. Walking on water. These, together with other mind-boggling stunts, are just some of the things humanity has crossed off as feats that are nearly or totally impossible to perform.

However, Shi Liliang, a Shaolin monk from China, just proved otherwise – by successfully performing the extraordinary act of walking on water.

Meet Shi Liliang, a Shaolin monk from Quanzhou, China.


Photo credit: BuzzFeed
He is a member of the Southern Shaolin Monastry, known as the birthplace of kung fu.


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His amazing stunt earned him a new world record by running atop water for 125 meters.


According to him, the secret lies within the strength of his toes and size of steps he takes.


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The Shaolin monk accomplished the feat in front of a large crowd wishing him to succeed. By just looking at it, it may seem that this run is a fluke; however, this is not the first time he did the trick. He has set a 120 meter record last January.

Watch his extraordinary achievement below:

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