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This Packing Hack Is What You Might Want To Try For Your Next Trip.


There is nothing more exciting than taking a trip to your dream destination. But what’s likely to burst your bubble or the idea of having fun? Packing, indeed is a grueling task as it can be the unfavorable side of travelling.

Traffic and the long lines at airport are not worth all the hassle. No wonder, some travellers prefer to travel light. But perhaps, acquiring the useful skill of packing your clothes might come in handy too. Why worry about running out of anything to wear during the whole trip when you can actually make use of this helpful hack with more than enough inside your luggage?

See how this woman does the trick.

[fbvideo id=”10153462941145841″]

The video shows how she placed each clothing on top of the other like a neat pile of clothes–yet still unfolded. I thought she would try to roll each item as usually presented in other hacks but then she started folding each garment instead, one after and atop the other until it becomes a ‘tidy folded bundle.’ Everything is intact too–from sweaters, shirts, pants, socks–even the tiniest or basic garment all in place. Also note that there are 25 items of clothing all in all. Whoa!

I’m definitely trying this ultimate hack for my next trip. Talking about smart packing, this is a ‘must-try’ for every travel savvy or those who want to break free from the stress of ‘packing.’

Source: A PLUS

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