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Veterinarian Did The Unthinkable To Save This Dog’s Life. Truly Amazing!





A veterinarian who runs an animal clinic in Elberton Georgia called, Granite Hills Animal Care, has captured the hearts of netizens after his heartwarming video hits the Internet. The caring animal doctor was seen on the footage stepping inside a cage and eating together with a dog in an attempt to encourage it to eat.

A pit bull, which was in a bad shape, was brought to his clinic after it was found on a dirt road starving, anemic and hypothermic. The female pup was immediately given medical attention to make sure she wouldn’t get any infection. However, for whatever reason, she refuses to eat. That’s when the amazing veterinarian did the unthinkable.

This was how the pit bull looked like when she was rescued.

abuse pitbull found in the road 5

She was beaten, abused and left for dead, but she was about to meet her savior.

abuse pitbull found in the road 1

Meet Dr. Andy Mathis. His kindness and dedication to help dogs in need is amazing. He would do everything that he can to save these animals.

abuse pitbull found in the road 9 - Copy

The female pup was eventually named Graycie Claire at the hospital. She may look scared but the people around her now will not let her down.

abuse pitbull found in the road 8

It is hard for Graycie to trust anyone after what she has been through.

abuse pitbull found in the road 4

She definitely found comfort in the people at the hospital. They treated her like how a dog should be treated.

abuse pitbull found in the road 6

Dr. Mathis is making sure Graycie’s recovery is perfect until she gets adopted.

abuse pitbull found in the road 2

This beautiful pit bull is looking for a new home.

abuse pitbull found in the road 7

People have sent gifts to Graycie after hearing her story over the Internet. Once she’s fully recovered, she will be ready for adoption.

abuse pitbull found in the road

Watch the video footage of Dr. Mathis’ act of kindness.

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