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These Veterans Guard Chicago’s Most Dangerous Street To Make Sure Students Are Safe





Crimes are becoming more commonplace today. We hear news of people getting mugged while walking home from work and in some cases, we hear of children being abducted while on their way home from school. Chicago is no stranger to these crimes.

Some areas of Chicago, specifically the area around 35th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, are known to be particularly dangerous since the high schools located in that area have known gang affiliations. Along these most dangerous streets and other shady neighborhoods of Chicago, veterans stand around every day to make sure that students get to and from school safely. The patrol, aptly called Safe Passage, was established by non-profit organization Leave No Veteran Behind (LNVB). Established in 2011, the organization aims to provide a new purpose for military veterans and consequently build a safer community. LNVB works in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department in providing safe passage to some 8,000 students daily.

Watch this video about their inspiring work:

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Such a great way of contributing to the community and giving renewed purpose for our veterans! We thank you for your great service, LNVB!

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