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These Veterans Guard Chicago’s Most Dangerous Street To Make Sure Students Are Safe

Such a great way of contributing to the community and giving renewed purpose for our veterans! We thank you for your great service, LNVB!


Crimes are becoming more commonplace today. We hear news of people getting mugged while walking home from work and in some cases, we hear of children being abducted while on their way home from school. Chicago is no stranger to these crimes.

Some areas of Chicago, specifically the area around 35th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, are known to be particularly dangerous since the high schools located in that area have known gang affiliations. Along these most dangerous streets and other shady neighborhoods of Chicago, veterans stand around every day to make sure that students get to and from school safely. The patrol, aptly called Safe Passage, was established by non-profit organization Leave No Veteran Behind (LNVB). Established in 2011, the organization aims to provide a new purpose for military veterans and consequently build a safer community. LNVB works in conjunction with the Chicago Police Department in providing safe passage to some 8,000 students daily.

Watch this video about their inspiring work:

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Such a great way of contributing to the community and giving renewed purpose for our veterans! We thank you for your great service, LNVB!


Badass 9-Year-Old Girl Crushed a Navy SEAL–Designed Obstacle Course Race

This little girl will make you feel small.

Fitness videos are everywhere on the internet and seeing people chronicle their inhuman physical capabilities have become common already. So what's so special about this one?

One, this is an obstacle course designed for Navy SEALS. Two, it shows a totally badass 9-year old girl destroying it just like an extremely fit adult. 9 YEARS OLD, people.

Milla Star Bizzotto of Miami, Florida swam 8 kilometers and completed 25 obstacles to finish the Battlefrog race BFX24, a 24-hour obstacle course designed by the U.S. Navy.

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Old Man Carries 100kg Sack of Flour Every Day To Earn A Living For His Family

If you ever feel like complaining about how tough your job is, think of this man and his struggle.


Each one of us has our own struggles in life. Be it a stressful job, ballooning bills to pay, or the increasing amount of money needed to support the whole family. Sometimes, we cannot help but be overwhelmed and feel that the burden placed upon us is far too heavy to carry.

For Syed Abdul Ghani, that burden is not only figuratively, but literally, heavy.

Ghani is an old man from Peshawar, Pakistan who has to carry a sack of flour weighing 100 kilograms every day for just $3. He is doing this to earn a living for his family. Day in and day out, he carries the sack of flour on his back, so that he can put food on his family's table.

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African Farmer Stops Desert in its Tracks With Only Faith and a Shovel

He turned 50 acres of desert wasteland into hundreds of miles of crops and forests!

A farmer in West Africa has done something short of miraculous. He halted the desert with only a shovel! That and a firm belief to make everything better for his fellow countrymen in the dry and arid region of Burkina Faso where the tropical savanna, plagued by hot winds from the Sahara meant the flat country often experienced extreme drought, causing its people to starve more often than not.

Yacouba Sawadogo, a traditional farmer whose family has farmed the land for generations, was adamant about ensuring his three wives and 31 children had enough to eat. The land he farmed belonged to his grandfather, and the grandfather before him, and the grandfather that came even before.

Yacouba's family were farmers for hundreds of generations.

yacouba 1

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