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Velvet Beds, Spa Treatments, and Special Beer at India’s First Dog Hotel

Rates include a $70 per night stay and this entitles dogs to velvet beds, 24-hour medical facility, a spa, and even a fully stocked bar with beverages made for dogs!


Pet hotels are nothing new. Pet owners have been enjoying the convenience of having an establishment take care of their furry friends whenever they have to go out of town. But we bet your friendly neighborhood pet hotel ain’t got nothing on the Critterati Hotel in Gurugram, India. This luxury dog hotel is said to be the first in Southeast Asia to cater exclusively to our canine friends.

Rates include a $70 per night stay and this entitles dogs to velvet beds, 24-hour medical facility, a spa, and even a fully stocked bar with beverages made for dogs! The idea of this kind of dog hotel existing is more eyebrow-raising if you think about the location. In India, there are 30 million stray animals desperate for homes.

Welcome to Critterati, the first pet hotel in Southeast Asia that caters exclusively to dogs.

The hotel serves dogs and their human parents who will spare no expense in indulging their pets.

Deepak Chawla, Critterati’s chief executive, wanted to provide an alternative to the less than stellar facilities for dogs in the country.

“No decent dog owner would want his dog to stay in those places,” he said.

“An animal is more loyal than human beings, they will do anything for us so they deserve it.”

The Critterati suite equipped with a giant bed with a velvet headboard, TV, and a balcony accessible by a private dog flap in the room.

The suite has a dog flap that leads out to the balcony.

This pretty room will cost you $70.

Facilities include a spa with ayurvedic massage oils, swimming pool, and a veterinarian on call 24/7. Currently, the hotel is building a medical unit with a theater.

The dog cafe features rice and chicken and sweets such as ice cream, muffin, and pancakes. The ice cream comes in flavors such as bacon and vanilla. To top it all off, there’s even non-alcoholic beer imported from Belgium.

Chawla doesn’t approve of dogs being left alone for long hours, which is the norm in standard kennels. He shared:

“Here things are quite different. It starts from 7am with potty breaks, then breakfast, then again a potty break, then play sessions for around two hours, then swimming sessions, then again play sessions, plus time in the café.”

The dogs can swim happily in the pool under the watchful eyes of the staff.

They are thoroughly dried before they can return to their suites.

One of the hotel’s spacious playrooms.

The dogs’ owners are happy to part with their cash when it means to indulging their pooches.

“He loves coconut water and vitamin water. He tells me he wants to eat chicken, so he eats it every day,” says Ashish Arora, a hotel chain executive, of his dog Rubo the Labrador.

“I keep spending quite a bit. I don´t mind, it is like you are spending on a child.”


Heartbreaking Video Shows A Starving Polar Bear Clinging To Life On Ice-less Land

The polar bear is weak and starving, with no food available nearby.

Many are still debating on whether climate change is real. A new heartbreaking video has emerged, showing a starving polar bear rummaging for food on iceless land.

Paul Nicklen, a photographer from the conservation group Sea Legacy, visited Baffin Island in summer when they came across a chilling scene - a starving polar bear clinging to its life. The obviously malnourished and thin polar bear dragged its feet as it wandered, looking for food. According to Nicklen, he has already seen thousands of polar bears in the past...

However, this is the first time he felt sad seeing a heart-wrenching sight.

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Eight Donkeys Arrested And Detained In India For Eating Flowers

India’s prison had the most unusual inmates.

A prison in India had the most peculiar inmates detained for a couple of days. While we usually see human criminals behind the bars, the Orai Prison had eight donkeys locked up for a crime ridiculously unimaginable.

Eight donkeys were paroled last week from a jail in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India. According to reports, the asses were placed under mandatory detention after they devoured real expensive plants that were supposed to be placed on display at the Orai Prison. The head of the jail, RK Mishra said:

“These donkeys had destroyed some very expensive plants which our senior officer had arranged for planting inside jail and despite warnings the owner let loose his animals here so we detained the donkeys.”

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Spiders Can Eat All Humans In The World In Just A Year, Scientists Say

Scientists share a terrifying possibility saying spiders can eat the entire human race in just a year.

Science is slowly uncovering all the terrifying facts about the creatures in the world through research and experiments. And the most recent revelation has something to do with the allies of Peter Parker. Apparently, Spiderman is the only crawler who has the intention to save humanity with the rest of his “kind” being possibly the one to cause our extinction.

A new research carried out by Martin Nyffeler of the University of Basel in Switzerland and Klaus Birkhofer from the Lund University in Sweden claims that all spiders in the world combined can totally wipe out the human race in just a year. Their findings were published earlier this month in the journal, Science of Nature.

Scientists say spiders can eat the entire human race.

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