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When You See How Easy it is to Open a Padlock Using 2 Wrenches, You’ll Be Worried


When we want to secure our belongings, we place it in a box, cabinet or locker and place a padlock on it.

Most of us think that a padlock is enough to protect our valuables from being stolen but this is not the case, our padlocks can be destroyed easily in just a few seconds.

The best way to protect your valuables is to place it inside a fireproof vault or keep it in a safe box with many different types of locks then hide it somewhere nobody could access or if you will go outside let’s say you will go to the gym; do not bring very important documents, gadgets, huge amount of money or jewelries so that even if your lock gets smashed, nothing important will be taken from you.

Watch How to Open Padlocks Using a Wrench:

As you can see in the video, all locks from smallest to biggest size were all unlocked using two wrenches. Wrench is the best tool to open padlocks; you just have to make sure that the size of the wrench is not too big to enter the key way. Some thieves also use screwdriver, a small screwdriver can touch the wards of the lock then they turn it with a little pressure to unlock it.

Watch How to Pick Locks Using Clips and Pins:

Some of them also use paper clip, safety pin or staple but these are a little harder to use, success rate for opening a lock using these items depend on the sturdiness of the paper clip or safety pin. It must be strong enough to withstand the force of springs and not easily breakable at all. All they will do is to straighten it out and turn it to the edge when picking.

I guess this is an eye opener for us, let’s not use padlocks to secure our essential belongings; padlocks are only good to use for lockers in high school where we keep our textbooks and notebooks, or inside the gym where we place our clothes and towels.

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