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US Army Built a Fake Town to Hide Boeing Factory From Air Strikes During WWII

Consider the cost of each plane, the military really had to go the extra mile.






During the infamous World War 2, one B-17 Bomber would cost more or less $200,000 to produce. And in today’s economy, it is around $3.4 million. With the US Army requesting thousands of these planes, they would take every possible measure just to secure the Boeing factory responsible for creating them. And believe it or not, by “every possible measure” they mean hiring Hollywood set designers.

Well, that is because they wanted to build a fake neighborhood atop it. And in order to make it look very real, they also hired dozens of actors to live in the area. They believed that by doing so, they could protect the factory from any potential air strike. The so-called neighborhood was built sometime in 1944, though it was removed a year after.

At first glance, you would think this is nothing but an ordinary town with people enjoying the heat of the sun.

It was the titular John Stewart Detlie, a Hollywood set designer, who led the conception of the fake neighborhood. Using the same methods and techniques in films, he created sidewalks, fences, trees, cars, and even houses – all of which were not real. Apparently, it all worked. They were able to fool the would-be attackers.

In reality, it was a fake neighbood built to hide the US Army’s Boeing factory.

Underneath it were 30,000 men and women, most of whom were helping constructing 300 bombers per month.

This was meant to help fight the Nazis.

The fake trees and structures were all shorter than an average person.

Actors were even hired to act as ordinary people living in an ordinary town or village.

The US Army believed that by doing so they could fool any would-be attackers.

Apparently, they did.

In order to make the neighborhood look real, the streets, for instance, were aligned with real residential neighborhoods.

Of course, you could not really tell the difference.

Most especially when you view it from the top.

Thousands of workers would gather day by day, awaiting instructions.

For planes to clear the hangar doorway, their tails had to be folded.

During the war, the army was able to produce hundreds of bombers on a monthly basis.

Unfortunately for the Nazis, they had no idea about it.

Because if they do, the outcome of the war could have been different.

The cost of one bomber would be around $200,000 (or $3.4 million in today’s currency).

Hence the US army would really take every possible measure to protect the plant.

Here is how the fake neighborhood looks now.

Source: Google Maps

Ultimately, the structure all decayed and fell in 2010. Boeing then had to order total demolition of the plant.

You can check this video to know more about the fake neighborhood.

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Jack The Ripper Letter Mystery Finally Solved?

An analysis suggests that two popular Jack the Ripper letters were written by a single author.




In 1888, Jack the Ripper brought terror to Whitechapel, London by going on a murderous spree that resulted in the gruesome deaths of at least five young women in three months. He was never brought to justice. At that time, there were hundreds of letters sent to the London Police and the media. It was claimed to be written by Jack the Ripper himself.

For many years, many have doubted the authenticity of the letters, with some people believing they were all faked to help boost newspaper sales. Now, an expert has come to prove with evidence that the letters were, in fact, fabricated.

There are over 200 letters said to have come from Jack the Ripper.

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10 Brave Female Heroes in War History

Such badass women!

Mark Andrew



Historically, statistics show us that, yes, there is a huge number of women serving in the military even during times of war. In the United States, for example, 350,000 served in non-combat capacities during World War II.

Meanwhile, the Red Army was partly composed of 800,000 women during the the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union, with 300,000 of those in active combat in fighting the Nazi.

With that in mind, allow us to share with you 10 women who showed us they deserve to be considered badass in every way.

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Escobar’s Submarine With Missing £50 Billion Fortune “Found” Off The Coast of Colombia

Escobar’s submarines could carry up to ‘up to 2,000 kilograms of cocaine.’




Notorious cartel chief Pablo Escobar was certainly the master of hiding his cash and drugs to avoid being detected by the authorities. During his heydey, Escobar used every channel possible via land and air. Turns out he is not above smuggling his illegal cargo through the deep blue sea. Recently, two former CIA agents reported that they found one of the submarines used by Escobar for smuggling.

The submarine reportedly contains Escobar's missing £50 billion fortune. Ex-agents Ben Smith and Doug Laux have been working hard to find the Colombian drug lord's missing money.

They have been talking to loaders of the said submarine to dig more information.

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