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25 Unlucky People Having A Worse Day Than You

We all go through bad days. One day we’re having a blast, the next day, our luck turns against us. But at times, the day just gets bad by the minute you would think that you should have just slept the whole day through and get past all the unfortunate events. Such days usually end with a bottle of booze hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.

If you think that you are having a bad day such as when your co-worker steals your chance at a job promotion, or you missed out on a party because you’re sick, just check out the people below who would willingly trade places with you.

#1. Now, how to get down…hmmm…

#2. Someone's really having a bad day at work. Smh.

Source: beernerd
#3. Nooo! This is total abomination!

#4. In case you're wondering, a porcupine fell on her head. OUCH!

Source: Yachtnaught
#5. Messed up on so many levels.

#6. Not again?

#7. Let's hope the cat is interested in licking all of that up from the floor.

#8. Dogs win!

#9. What a total waste of booze! Tsk!

#10. Talk about bad luck.

Source: Reddit
#11. Could it get any worse than this?

Source: Twitter
#12. Ruined a perfect toast.

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