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U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 50,000




  • The United States has received 3,000 death in the last 24 hours, making the country’s death toll more than 50,000.
  • Comparing the figures with European nations, the United States mortality rate remain lower than Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, and the U.K.
  • The data came after personal care businesses in Georgia, Alaska, and Oklahoma resumed operations, which received criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump.

The tally monitored by Johns Hopkins University revealed that United States’ coronavirus death toll has exceeded 50,000, after 3,000 Americans died of the virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the overall total to 53,928. So far, the U.S. has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths across the world.

However, the White House task force said in a BBC report that despite this latest development, the U.S. mortality rate remains low compared to the death toll of European nations such as Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. White House Covid-19 task force expert Dr. Deborah Birx explained that although the US has the highest number, the country has a larger population of 330 million compared to European countries who are also battling against the dreaded virus.

“The U.S. had one of the lowest mortality rates in the entire world,” Birx pointed out.

She added that on a capita basis, the current reported figures of death rate is lower than Italy, Belgium, the U.K., and Spain.

Head of Statistic Robert Cuffe backed Birx statement, explaining that U.S. being the top reported coronavirus deaths is not the whole picture. Explaining the population of each countries, Cuffe said, many European countries have reported “more deaths per head of population” than the U.S.

“The picture in New York is very different to the picture in the rest of the U.S. and the same goes for other countries.” he stressed in a report from BBC.

New York has the most number of COVID-19 patients who died of coronavirus with 16,559 deaths; followed by New Jersey with 5,863 deaths; and Massachusetts with 2,730.

Like in Italy, he said, the country has two epidemics, the place in the North of Italy and another one in the South. The rates of deaths also depend on how it was tallied. For instance, France’s number of deaths include care homes. Meanwhile, Belgium included the number of suspected coronavirus cases, which made their situation look a lot worse.

Cuffe also explained that the reason behind the significant increase of deaths is because the U.S. government also counts the “probable” coronavirus deaths. The decision to include both confirmed and unconfirmed cases was made on April 14.

When you say “a probable coronavirus death”, it means the patient meets clinical and epidemiological criteria but has yet to undergo COVID-19 testing.

The report also noted that many patients with mild coronovirus cases remain unreported, which explained why the death rate from confirmed incidents is not the same as the illness’ overall death rate.

The figures came after personal care businesses, such as hair and nail salons, tattoo shops, spas, or even bowling alleys, have reopened recently in states such as Georgia, Alaska, and Oklahoma. Georgia also announced that they will allow dine-in restaurant and theaters to resume business.

Trump expressed his dismay over Republican Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia and his team.

“I want the people in Georgia to be safe…and I don’t want this thing to flare up, because you’re deciding to do something that is not in the guidelines,” Trump said.

After Trump’s statement, Kemp imposed a stricter sanitation and social distancing requirement for restaurants.

As of this posting, the U.S. has almost a million or 956,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 102,000 have recovered from the virus.

In Georgia there are 22,695 confirmed cases of the virus, and 904 deaths. So far there is no patient yet who has recovered from the virus.

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