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UK Goes Ahead with Huge Concerts Despite the Pandemic, Shocks Chinese Netizens




  • Welsh band Stereophonics went ahead with their three concerts, drawing thousands of people.
  • The band defended their decision, saying that “at this phase there was no need for a ban on large public gatherings.”

People in China couldn’t believe their eyes upon seeing posts in social media showing huge concerts still being held in the UK. The performances pushed through despite the obvious threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Welsh band Stereophonics continued with their three shows around the UK, which drew tens of thousands of people in the venues. Around the world, concerts and other big public events have been cancelled left and right because of the escalating health crisis.

This did not deter Stereophonics from holding their concerts in Manchester and Cardiff.
Chinese netizens took to social media to express their shock and dismay over the concerts.

Comments such as “The UK is going to catch up to Italy in no time,” “I have no words, I wish them well,” and “Don’t ask for China’s help when things start to get bad. You got yourself into this mess” were posted in Weibo.

The reaction of the Chinese were totally expected, given that China is the most affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Of course, it’s not the just the Chinese who were shocked. Even Stereophonic fans themselves were surprised that the band did not cancel the shows, especially that as of last count, Britain already has close to 2,000 coronavirus cases and 60 people have already died.

A picture of the Manchester show was posted on the band’s Facebook page, which also garnered countless of negative comments.

“These progressive countries can’t believe a crisis can happen to them” and “I love Stereophonics but this is just irresponsible” are just some of the criticisms that users posted on the comments section.

In a statement to British music magazine NME, Stereophonics defended their decision, saying that “The UK government’s position was that at this phase there was no need for a ban on large public gatherings.

The band, acting on this guidance, added that they “continued with the last three shows of our UK tour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as did many other events across the entertainment industry.”

Other British acts such as Idles and Blossoms have postponed their performances across the UK.

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