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UFOs Hover In Cornwall, Residents Alarmed By Multiple Sightings

Residents of Cornwall were baffled by an alleged morphing UFO spotted multiple times around the county.






Are UFOs real? That’s probably the most asked question from the locals of Cornwall after multiple sightings of an unidentified flying object were documented recently. According to reports, several bystanders around the area witnessed what appeared to be a flickering object hovering over the skies of UK’s southernmost county. The blackish object seemed to morph into different shapes and sizes, almost as if moving in a circular pattern.

Residents and even tourists who managed to record the phenomenon on video took to social media and shared the mysterious black object morphing in the sky.

A surfer named Kiefer Krishnan, who happened to be enjoying the waves at the beach, caught the UFO’s movement with his Go-Pro camera. Interestingly, another beachgoer, Harry Wild, also asked on Twitter if anybody had seen the same unidentified flying object.

On the same day, photographer Shayne House also took to Twitter and posted a short clip of the UFO taken while he was driving over A30. In the clip, the black object appeared, disappeared then re-appeared within split seconds.

“What the?! Is this an alien spacecraft over the A30?” House tweeted.

The UFO sightings reportedly continued the following day with more eyewitnesses sharing their experience with the morphing object in the skies of Cornwall. Twitter user Trudi Holden spotted a strikingly similar UFO at Roche Rock.

Meanwhile, beauty blogger Stephanie also recorded the strange sighting as she headed for her hair appointment in Truro. She tweeted, “‘filmed this in Truro today before my hair apt… Can someone please explain?”

Despite the growing belief that the morphing object hovering at Cornwall was a UFO, The Eden Project quickly dismissed the claims and hinted that they were the one responsible for the sightings.

The plant and exhibition center debunked the UFO claims and pointed out that the black object in the sky was part of their new Journey Into Space attraction. In fact, a spokesperson from the center released a statement addressing the matter.

“It’s true we have a galaxy of ways to tell the story of space at Eden this summer. To coin a phrase… ‘The truth is out there.'”

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“Don’t Let People Kiss Your Baby”, Devastated Mom Warns After Newborn Died From Herpes

Don’t let anyone kiss your newborn.

Angela Beltran



Kisses are sweet but for newborns, they could be fatal. A newborn has died from a case of meningitis caused by a kiss from a visitor in her parents' wedding day.

A 3-week-old baby girl died after contracting viral meningitis and now her parents are warning others to never let anyone kiss their babies. Mariana Reese Sifrit was born just in time for her parents' wedding day.

Baby Mariana just lived for 18 days.

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Saudi Police Arrest Woman Who Wore “Indecent” Miniskirt in Viral Video

A woman has been arrested by the Saudi police for wearing mini skirt and crop top in a video that has gone viral.

Donna Marie Padua



The woman who starred in a video that went viral in social media platforms has recently been arrested for something she probably could not believe is a crime. Her offense? Wearing a daring terno in Saudi Arabia!

You might be thinking that most people in the world are already aware of Saudi Arabia’s strict compliance to its Islamic dress code. However, this woman obviously don’t. A video of a lady walking through the conservative village of Riyadh has spread like a wildfire since it was uploaded online as she dared to break the stigma and wore a mini skirt and a black crop top that revealed a huge fraction of her body skin!

The video already sparked a huge backlash on Twitter and Snapchat while being accused of disrespecting the conservative country’s tradition and religion.

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Surgeon Finds 27 Missing Contact Lenses Inside Woman’s Eye

She never wondered where all her missing contact lenses went.

Angela Beltran



For those who are wearing contact lenses, it's very easy to misplace them and sometimes, you might wonder where you' dropped it and how did it get lost. A 67-year-old woman got the shock of her life when a surgeon found all her 27 missing contact lenses jumbled together inside her eye.

The woman was about to undergo cataract surgery when her ophthalmologist Rupal Morjaria discovered a bluish mass inside her eye. Much to the surgical team's surprise, they found a clump of 17 contact lenses and as the surgery went on, they found an additional 10 contact lenses inside the woman's eye.

How did all those contact lenses get stuck inside her eyes without her noticing?

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