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UFC Champ Conor McGregor Spars with The Mountain from Game of Thrones

No skull-crushing, please!






Remember that so-freaking-hard-to-watch scene in Game of Thrones when Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane (played by Icelandic strongman Hafthór Björnsson) crushed Prince Oberin’s skull with his bare hands? Yeah, I know it’s just a TV show, but I couldn’t help recalling that when I saw this video of Björnsson and UFC champ Conor McGregor doing some light sparring at the gym. One look at the huge size difference between the two and I was like, “Has McGregor gone insane or what?”

The UFC champ looks puny beside The Mountain.


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Crushing skulls just because he can.


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For those who have no idea who Björnsson is, here’s a crash course for you: he broke a 1,000 year-old Viking strongman strength record by carrying a 32-foot, 1,433 pound log earlier this year. 1,433 POUND LOG. Sweet Jesus. He’s a consistent placer in World’s Strongest Man competitions from 2011 to 2014. The man can squat 380 kilograms (raw) and bench press 230 kilograms (raw).

The mighty Mountain


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Can squat 380 kilograms


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Here’s the video of the sparring:

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Thankfully, no one got seriously hurt in this sparring. It’s even funny, actually. It’s like seeing David and Goliath in the flesh. Although you know Björnsson can easily pick McGregor up and hurl him against the wall like a chew toy.


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