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Two Dogs Try to Resist Roasted Chicken in Adorable Patience Challenge




  • The owner instructed the dogs not to touch the chicken until he comes back to the table.
  • The husky gave in and eventually started eating while the golden retriever could not even look at the chicken.
  • The owner came back and alternately fed bites of the chicken to each dog.

Most domesticated dogs are usually very good boys and will follow their human’s commands with little trouble. But no matter how well a dog is trained, he is still an animal and would likely go into overdrive when faced with a plate of juicy roasted chicken in front of him.

This man put his two doggos to the the ultimate test by doing precisely that – putting a plate of chicken before them.

As he sliced the meat, the dogs watched in anticipation, waiting to be fed with the chicken.

A voice called out in the background and the man had to leave the room for a few moments.

As he stood up, he instructed his dogs to stay put and not touch the chicken.

So the dogs were left on their own, unguarded, with the roasted chicken. One can see how the dogs resisted the temptation and it was so adorable how each behaved towards this test of patience.

The golden retriever opted not to look at the chicken while waiting for his human to return to the table. Meanwhile, the husky was more anxious about it, and walked away from the table to look for the owner.

Eventually, the husky returned to the table where the golden retriever was still trying hard not to look at the food. The poor husky started to pace around the room; he doesn’t have the willpower that the golden retriever has.

Slowly, the husky approached the table once again and gingerly started to sniff the meat. The temptation was too much for the poor thing and he started licking and nibbling the chicken.

The owner returned to the table and found the husky already getting started while the golden retriever was still being the good boy and distanced from the table.

After playfully scolding the husky, he sliced the chicken once again and alternately fed morsels to the dogs.

It was all so adorable to look at, especially the retriever, who couldn’t even bear to look at the chicken while waiting.

Watch how it went:

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The video, as expected, went viral online but this is not the first time that netizens got delighted about dogs being patient. Dogs owners around the world have been uploading “Temptation Challenges” with them leaving treats in front of their dogs and then leaving the room to see if the pets will choose to obey or give in to their natural instinct to eat the food.

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